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    "The ABA provides access to a wealth of information, from practice resources to experienced attorneys that are always willing to provide direction."

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    "As a member of the ABA for well over 40 years, I have treasured and benefited enormously from my association with wonderful, experienced, wise and public spirited lawyers from throughout the United States — indeed, internationally. "

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    "Becoming involved as a 1L opened doors to connect with students and attorneys across the US. It's comforting to know I already have an established nationwide network of professionals willing to help me succeed. It has truly been an amazing journey."

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    "The experience I gained helped me to be a better prepared lawyer and served me well as I aged out of the YLD and began my continued active participation and leadership within the American Bar Association."

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    By providing me with substantive resources, practical tools and a nationwide network of practitioners, the ABA empowers me to be a better lawyer. Advancing policy on important issues related to civil rights and access to justice, the ABA inspires me to be a better person.

  • "There are many opportunities for young lawyers and law students in the ABA."

    "It has helped me develop key professional contacts, leadership, substantive, legal, and organizational skills, improved my visibility, forged deep and lasting relationships and even helped me get a job. The ABA has been a wonderful organization that I would recommend to any law student."

  • “The ABA has filed briefs in support of human rights and civil liberties..."

    "The net result has been a considerable improvement in the quality of justice, both at home and abroad."

  • "Helping me grow my network within and beyond the legal community ..."

    "Taking advantage of the numerous services that the Law Student Division provides has allowed me to engage in the legal community far sooner than the average young lawyer."