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Every Thread Has a Story


Vol. 40 No. 6
ByRoy Wilson and Harrison M. Smith

Roy Wilson, a 3L at The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, is 6th Circuit Governor and chair of the Division’s Diversity Committee. Harrison M. Smith, a 3L at Howard University School of Law, is 11th Circuit Governor and cochair of the Diversity Committee.
So true are the words of Maya Angelou: “[D]iversity makes for a rich tapestry.”
Every thread has a special story, and when thousands of woven threads are held together in unity, how beautiful the sight.

It is a sight envisioned by many who came before but a sight we intended to live. Our country is the rich tapestry and we are the threads. We are diverse in color, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, ability, and perspective, and we each have a special story.

When we join together to allow unity to overcome our differences, our message is powerful.

The Law Student Division strives to ensure this vision is a reality. Join the Division during the week of February 27 to celebrate Diversity Week, which leads into Diversity Day on March 2.

During this week, we let unity overcome differences, and we invite you to join our mission of promoting diversity in the legal profession and ensuring equal opportunity and inclusion for all law students.

National Diversity Day promotes full and equal participation in the Law Student Division, the legal profession, and the justice system by everyone. We invite law students across the nation to come together for the common goal of unity, and we challenge each law school to think outside the box when creating unique programs about the importance of eliminating bias and promoting diversity in law school and in the workplace.

As a symbolic message of unity, the Diversity Committee of the Law Student Division encourages each law student to wear yellow on Diversity Day. Yellow is a bright, visible color of energy—the exact message we intend to express. Together we will be bold, visible, and energetic in our mission of unity.

Help weave the rich tapestry during Diversity Week 2012.

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