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Liaison Notebook: Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries Keeps Students Informed About the Latest Industry Technology


Vol. 40 No. 8
ByAbigail Schwartz


Abigail Schwartz, a 3L at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, is the 2011–12 Law Student Division liaison to the Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries.
As I discovered my 1L year, law school’s substantive law classes don’t provide much inspiration for those with an interest in practicing in entertainment or sports law. This leaves many of us—especially those who don’t go to law school in Los Angeles or New York City—with the sole option of keeping up with the Kardashians or Cam Newton via Perez Hilton, Twitter, or the like (this must be why so many of us have ESPN pulled up in class. . .). In all seriousness, it has been invaluable to take part in the Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries’ numerous seminars and learn about the area in which I really want to practice.

The Forum has more than 4,000 members who make up the largest national organization for those practicing in entertainment, art, or sports law. There are numerous opportunities to meet other members who are practicing throughout the United States and around the world. A great chance to see the Forum’s members in action is at the Forum’s main event, its annual meeting that takes place each October.

The annual meeting begins with a Q&A panel for law students and young lawyers. At last year’s annual meeting in New York City (this year’s is in Las Vegas), there were nearly 20 panels from which to choose. Participating in seminars that focused on everything from celebrity chefs to non-compete clauses for athletes was a welcomed reminder of why I suffered through administrative law. More importantly, I had a wonderful time getting to know both law students and lawyers during the panels and receptions. I still stay in touch with many of them, and we often notify one another of upcoming events. We are our little own sports and entertainment support network.

With so much happening in these industries, it’s not easy to keep up (I’ve just recently taken to watching movies on iTunes and now there’s UltraViolet). Being a member of the Forum—along with a daily dose of TMZ and Sports Law Blog—will help you remain informed and involved with issues at the forefront of these industries and provide you with your own support network.

It’s simple to become a member of the Forum. You must have a current ABA membership and be a member of another ABA section. For law students, the annual dues are $20. Your membership includes access to an online membership directory and subscriptions to two publications, the Entertainment and Sports Lawyer and the Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law. You also will be able to register to attend the Forum’s annual meeting, as well as the regional symposiums and year-round teleconferences.

For more information, please visit the Forum’s website. Also, be sure to join the Forum’s Facebook page just for law student members.

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