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New Division Officers Sworn In


Vol. 41 No. 2

By Eileen M. Laux

Eileen M. Laux, a 3L at Florida Coastal University School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer.
The new officers have been elected and are very eager to get started in their roles. Adena Leibman, chair; Raychelle A. Tasher, vice chair; Matthew Gorney, secretary-treasurer; and Bryan Rogers, representative to the ABA Board of Governors were elected by the Division’s Board of Governors at the Spring Meeting in March. The officers were sworn in at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago in August.

Leibman, a current 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School, has worked on fellowships and nonprofits prior to her new position as chair, so she knows that it’s important the Division work as a team. A prior circuit governor, she really enjoyed her experience with the Law Student Division and saw the position as an opportunity to stay involved and continue working with the Division. She says she would like to see the Division maintain current goals as well as build new ones. A top priority of hers is to create better communication between the Division and its members.

“I want to do all that we can do to support and encourage law student members,” she says. “We want to make sure to stay efficient without losing quality.” Along with communication, she would also like to see relationships grow by building connections with other national student associations.

The new vice chair agrees. A current 3L at Florida A&M University College of Law, Tasher is active with the SBA and ABA at her law school and has had a strong interest in her position because she saw how the Law Student Division touched law students. She wants to convey the value of the Division.

“People have a general idea of what we do,” she says. “I really want to work with the board and law students across the country. I want to convey the value that the ABA has and the value that comes along with being a law student member.”

She has goals that she would like to achieve during her term, among them are increasing membership and reaching out to students. “I really want to reach out to students who have never interacted,” she says. “I really want to make membership more interactive.”

The secretary-treasurer shares in the value of the Law Student Division. Gorney, a current 3L at the University of Kansas School of Law, has set his focus on being transparent when it comes to the process of funding opportunities from the Division.

“I want to meet the demands that are put on us,” he says. “One of the great things that former secretary-treasurer Will Binkley emphasized was transparency in the funding process.”

“Our job is to make sure that we are operating in a way that people can see it is not being wasted and being used in a way that it should be used,” he says. He also would like to utilize the technology that is at their disposal and have an online application for constituents.

Rogers, a 3L at Valparaiso University School of Law, also wants to communicate the value of the Law Student Division. A former circuit governor, he sought the position of representative to the ABA Board of Governors because it will allow him to work in both areas of  the ABA.

“I want to represent the Law Student Division within the ABA the best I can,” he says. “I want to maximize the value of an ABA Law Student Division membership. I want to effectively communicate all that the ABA has to offer to students.”

He says he plans to actively engage the ABA Board of Governors by promoting the value of the Law Student Division.

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