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ByDean S. Douglas

Dean S. Douglas, a 3L at The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, is the 2012–13 Law Student Division liaison to the Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries.
It’s another day of law school and one of the first things you might do is turn on the television to ESPN. Or you might start your day by walking over to your iPod dock and playing some music. Maybe later that day while switching from one mobile app to another on your phone or tablet to see if one of your favorite bands will be in a city near you, you also check the Amazon Kindle store to see if an author you’ve long followed has released her new book yet. In a few simple and routine steps, you’ve been front and center to multiple practice areas within the entertainment and sports space. Luckily, the ABA Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries can further guide and educate you using top-notch resources and events throughout the entire school year.

One of the many ways to take advantage of the large community of professionals that the Forum attracts is to attend the fall Annual Meeting. Recently held in October, the Annual Meeting is a three-day gathering filled with networking, education, and social events that allow you to not just create professional relationships with the legal professionals in attendance but also to meet other law students who may very well be your colleague or trusted advisor down the road.

You might be wondering how to stay current and relevant in an industry that is literally evolving every minute of the day (including weekends). In addition to the CLE events held throughout the year, the spring International Legal Symposium (often held in Miami), and the Annual Meeting (that alternates between New York and Las Vegas), the Forum is active in the social media space. Feel free to follow the Forum’s Twitter using @ABAEnt Sports, joining one of our Facebook groups by searching “ABA Forum Sports Entertainment Law,” or even searching for us on LinkedIn using the same phrase as Facebook.

For just $20 in membership dues, you’ll have the opportunity to be more active in your future legal career regarding this very robust and exciting area of law. As a part of your membership, you will receive two publications: the Entertainment and Sports Lawyer and the Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law. We look forward to seeing you at an event or hearing from you online.

For more information about the Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries, visit their website.

Vol. 41 No. 4

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