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ByLucas LaRose and Jamila Young


Lucas LaRose, a 3L at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, is 15th Circuit Governor and cochair of the Division’s Diversity Committee.

Jamila Young, a 3L at Florida A&M University College of Law, is 5th Circuit Governor and cochair of the Diversity Committee.
This year, the Law Student Division’s commitment to encouraging diversity in all forms has never been stronger. Members of the Division’s Diversity Committee have undertaken projects to assist law student leaders across the country in maintaining an inclusive and inviting law student body. In the promotion of diversity, the committee uses a broad definition of diversity to encompass all forms––e.g., disability, gender, and sexual orientation––and not just racial and ethnic backgrounds.

In an effort to promote diversity across the country, the Division has expanded the celebration. From February 25 to March 2, law schools across the nation are encouraged to hold a week of diversity events. During this time, law student organizations should coordinate to make a week of events possible at their school. Moreover, we encourage those holding single-day events dedicated to diversity to continue with this tradition.

Visit the Division’s website for more information about the Division’s commitment to diversity.

Ideas and Suggestions for Diversity Day Events

Display student and/or faculty work related to diversity.
Hold mock trails on diversity issues.
Highlight diversity support groups within your law school.
Create a bilingual (or multilingual) calendar highlighting school and community activities.
Build a community peace garden.
Present a “disabilities awareness” event with the help of a local rehabilitation organization.

For more ideas, download the Diversity Day Toolkit.

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