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Learn about careers in election law from a 'Recount' lawyer

Attorney John Hardin “Jack” Young was on the team of lawyers for the Democratic National Committee during the 2000 Florida election recount and the Bush v. Gore case, and is portrayed in the HBO film “Recount.” In this Career Choice Series webinar, Young discussed current election issues in our country, his

Slip and Fall

You'll be floored by what a slip and fall attorney does

Slip and fall injuries are very common legal issues, and often very complex. Premises law is a complicated legal area when the basics of a personal injury case are being established. Just as in an auto accident, there are often competing versions of events, especially when the defendant is a business

What not to do

Job hunting: What not to do

By ERIK BADIA The halls of law firms and legal offices across the country are littered with the gaffes and missteps of job candidates who looked so promising on paper but failed to deliver when it came to crunch time. Ask any hiring partner, legal recruiter, or human resources professional in

Law Student Podcast

Podcast: Finding Alternative Careers in the Law

In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Sandy Gallant-Jones talks with Above the Law Editor Joe Patrice, CuroLegal CEO Chad Burton, LegalZoom General Counsel Chas Rampenthal, Clio Lawyer in Residence Joshua Lenon, and Legal Talk Network Executive Producer Laurence Colletti about alternative careers in law. Joe opens the

Real Estate

Consider this event a down payment on your real estate career

Are you sold on a career in real estate? Hear how to become a successful commercial real estate attorney. Our speakers will share their path into commercial real estate transactions, financing, leasing, acquisitions, and distressed real estate. They'll provide invaluable insight into what skills you'll need to break into this area,


Diving deeper: More millennial lawyer survey results

In response to my recent column, Money Matters: 2016 Millennial Lawyer Survey Results, a reader asked if survey results varied by firm size. In the prior post, I noted that compensation was the top reason survey respondents left firms and a top contributor to job satisfaction. The reader was interested in

First Job

The dos & don’ts of your first job

It’s that time of year when many law students start an externship, which may be, for some, your first professional work experience.  Or perhaps you are preparing to begin full-time employment. Well, either way, take those principles from your high school job at McDonalds or the mall, dress them up


Ask the Hiring Attorney: How do I answer questions about my strengths?

Q: I’m really worried about being asked about my strengths in a job interview. I hate to sound boastful and I’m not really good at tooting my own horn. How can I answer this question without feeling or sounding arrogant? A: “What are your greatest strengths?” is a common interview question

Fortune Teller

Are law schools preparing students for the future of law?

The most recent reports on the future of the legal industry show law firms are in a dire need of fresh talent and new skills. Future lawyers will have to demonstrate knowledge in project management and legal technology. Such skills will be crucial for firms and attorneys who want to


Ask the Hiring Attorney: How can I sound qualified?

Q: Many practice areas are highly technical, involving finance or science or international work, for example. If I am interested in one of these areas but lack the relevant background, how do I sound as qualified as possible for the position? A: Thankfully, substantive knowledge is generally not a condition of

TIPS Mock Interview

Video: What to do (and not to do) during an interview

Recent law school graduates and experienced interviewers led a discussion of interview skills and pitfalls at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego during the American Bar Association's midyear meeting in February 2016. They demonstrated common mistakes and shared a few of their own unexpected interview experiences. The event was

Seema Iyer

How to get on television and stay on television

The second part of the title is the trick.  I’ve seen plenty of lawyers come and go.  They tank their first shot on the tube then are never asked back.  TV is a cruel, cruel, world.  Understand that before reading any further. How to get on television for the first time I

Career Assistance

Working relationships with attorneys can take you to the next level

Developing working relationships with attorneys at your internship can make a real difference in your success after law school. Attorneys operate at the center of the robust legal industry. They are walking, talking small businesses regardless of whether they are self-employed, employed by the government, in- house at a company,


Ask the Hiring Attorney: What does it mean to 'be professional'?

Q: I’m a first year law student. I keep hearing people say it’s critical for me to “be professional” when interviewing or working. That I need to “look professional” and “act like a professional.” But I’m not even sure what that means! A: Rest assured, you’re not the only law student


The importance of gaining practical legal skills

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle One of the best ways to stand out among your peers is through demonstrated practical ability. As a law school graduate, you will be highly marketable if you can “hit the ground running.”

Legal Career Quiz

What kind of lawyer will you be? Take the Legal Career Quiz

Some attorneys knew what kind of law they want to practice long before law school. Others may be well into their career and still trying to figure it all out. For the latter, we've got a new tool for you. ABA Legal Career Central has teamed up with the Law Student

Five Tools to Help You Become a More Confident Public Speaker

By Stan Polit. For most people, few things are more stress-inducing than having to speak in front of a group. We all know the old adage that most people fear public speaking more than death. Unfortunately, law students are not immune from these nerves. Whether it is the proverbial 1L oral arguments

Want employment and career advancement? Write down your road map

Want employment and career advancement? Write down your road map

You want meaningful employment and career advancement. The question is how to use your time in law school most effectively to achieve your goals. In the current period of challenging market changes, law students secure meaningful employment by differentiating themselves from other law students. The problem, Indiana law professor Bill Henderson

How to start considering alternative legal paths

How to start considering alternative legal paths

So, you're a law student looking for an alternative career path. Your mindset isn't the problem — in fact, you're pretty darn sure that if you made it through law school, you can excel in just about any industry. The only problem being, you're not sure where to start. How do you

10 things I’ve learned in a year of job searching

10 things I’ve learned in a year of job searching

The job market is still tough. It has been a little over a year since I got my pass results, and I am still job hunting. As such, I wanted to share with you some tips I have for bar takers while on the hunt for work. I spent the first three months

Who goes to law school and doesn’t practice law?

Who goes to law school and doesn’t practice law?

I have heard this question a million times. I am still less than five years out of law school, and it still puzzles people that I do not practice law. Yes, I was willing to go through 3 years of tortur- ahem, I mean law school to not practice. I also

Don't fear your fork in the road

Don't fear your fork in the road

Law school was a funny time for me. As I look back, it really happened almost by accident. A series of events that seemed unconnected and random at the time, but as I reflect, I noticed it was all allowed to happen so that I could face a longstanding fear

ABA Section of Litigation Logo

Video: Your expertise starts today

What will your resume look like in four years' time? Ron Marmer, past chair of the Section of Litigation, says what you do now can help you build your track record — and help define your sphere of expertise on your resume. "Think about how the total resume will look," Marmer says

EIGHTH CIRCUIT: James Greenwood: Navy Vet on a Mission

  By Courtney O. Carroll COURTNEY O. CARROLL is a 3L at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. In recognition of his scholastic accomplishments, James Greenwood, a 3L at Drake University Law School, was awarded the Iowa Taxpayers Association 2014 Linda S. Weindruch Scholarship. The annual scholarship recognizes outstanding accomplishments and educational pursuit