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Conservative Liberal

Political disequilibrium on law school campuses

During winter break, many law students reflect on their decision to enroll in law school. Full cost may be as high as $85,000 annually for an experience they hoped would teach them new ideas and perspectives. While the legal curriculum exposes them to new concepts, the students will receive it


Becoming a doctor and a lawyer – at the same time

Recently, I had the opportunity to lead an ethics forum at the American Medical Association meeting. It was the first time I’ve been publicly introduced as an “attorney.” I was caught off guard since I haven’t sat for the bar yet, but it was a reminder that my time in

Holiday Sweater

The BTB Law Student Gift Guide

Maybe, in the last month, you've asked the special law student in your life what they would like for the holidays. Since it's finals, their response may have ranged from an unintelligible grunt to "PEACE AND QUIET!!!" The stress of the (finals) season should not put anyone on the naughty list.

Library of Congress

The largest law library in the world, available to all

We all know about the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, a towering structure that overlooks Capitol Hill, containing a gilded Reading Room and a massive archive that holds some of the world’s most precious books and media. But most people aren’t aware that the Library of Congress also


1L exams: The most important grades of your educational career

From the first day of law school, you need to keep perspective and unwavering focus – on just how paramount first-year grades are to your long-term career prospects. BARBRI's webinar, "Wait, What? Why are 1L Grades Most Important?!" will tell you why the results of your finals will loom large very

Law Students

Five things I wish I knew before law school

After you have completed the LSAT and received your first law school acceptance letter, you will likely celebrate passing the first major milestones on your path to becoming an attorney. You might wonder what to expect during law school. Watching movies like "The Paper Chase" or the "Legally Blonde" series


Keep your eyes on the whole law school pizza

Grades are the pizza crust of law school.  Some people will spend extra resources making the crust special – stuffed, thin, garlic.  Some people will allocate too few resources and end up with too little crust altogether.  But regardless of the quality of the crust, it is of little use standing


So what should you call your law professor? Here's your answer.

Q: How should I refer to people that I interact with professionally? Are first names okay? A: Here is my quick and dirty rule: If you are in a position of giving advice or providing value to another person, use their first name. In other situations, start with a more formal

Legal Technology

New tool for Dayton law students: The 'tech credential'

Every week, I get information about CLE programs on technology in the legal profession. I also see plenty of bar journal articles and blog posts about lawyers using technology. But what I don't see are law schools making sure students head into the workforce with appropriate technology skills. This shouldn't be on-the-job


Interim prisoners: Why law schools should go on prison tours

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the State of Connecticut’s Attorney General’s Office. One of the perks that comes with this opportunity, other than the endless learning opportunities and seminars, is the prison tour. Throughout the course of the internship, we as interns have had the ability

Jeena Cho

Three things I wish I learned in law school

I graduated from University at Buffalo in 2003. It seems like both forever ago and also like a blink of an eye. I’ve learned a lot over the past 13 years and I have battle scars to prove it. However, many of those scars were unnecessary and could’ve been avoided

Vanessa Ryan

Chasing down the non-traditional dream

I decided to go to law school when I was 34 years old. At the time, I was working in the Insurance Industry and loved what I did. I was working as an adjuster doing personal injury claims under our Florida PIP statute and also worked in our pre-litigation company

Chris Morgan

First years, fear not! Surviving 1L

The first year of law school is a difficult place to find yourself. It’s fast paced. It’s competitive. It’s tiring. It’s frustrating. And if you’re not careful, it’s easy to burn out and forget the reason you even wanted to be a lawyer in the first place. But through all of

McClurg Webinar

Watch: The Top Five Habits of Successful Law Students

Professor Andrew McClurg, author of the popular law school prep book, "1L of a Ride: A Well-Traveled Professor’s Roadmap to Success in the First Year of Law School," seeks to inspire new students to “Be Excited!” about their new adventure and get them on the right track from day one

Grit And Grind

'Grit and Grind' your way to success in law school

Every student begins law school at the same starting line. Within weeks, days even, some students pull ahead while others fall behind. By the end of the year, at law schools all across America, the class is divided into GPA and class rank strata that include a top, middle, and

Fortune Teller

Are law schools preparing students for the future of law?

The most recent reports on the future of the legal industry show law firms are in a dire need of fresh talent and new skills. Future lawyers will have to demonstrate knowledge in project management and legal technology. Such skills will be crucial for firms and attorneys who want to

University of Kentucky Street Law

StreetLaw program takes UK Law students to high schools

Over the last few months, University of Kentucky law students have lived and breathed StreetLaw — a brand-new student organization at the UK College of Law dedicated to teaching high school students and members of the Lexington community about law and the legal system. Working under the supervision of faculty advisor

Cha’Mira Keener

From homeless teen to juvenile advocate

New South Texas College of Law graduate Cha’Mira Keener will have a special well of strength from which to draw as she embarks on her public interest legal career, with hopes to serve as an advocate for juveniles. In addition to working with her clients as a legal counselor, she will

Street Law class

Street Law comes to Savannah

When my law school and the United States Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of Georgia initiated the Street Law Program, I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined the success it would bring. The program was brought to Savannah because of the violence and crimes in our community with the goal

Quimbee: US v. Windsor

Quimbee Case of the Week: U.S. v. Windsor

The legality of same-sex marriage has been a major topic of debate in recent years, and there has been much development in the law leading up to the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015), declaring that same-sex couples had a fundamental right to marry protected


Don't let the law school jungle bring you down

They say love is a battlefield – or at least that’s what Pat Benatar tells me. But going through law school, and the apex, the “Bar” can feel, at times, like her song. Or on a more welcoming vibe, “Welcome to the Jungle.” There is constant pressure to achieve, the hypervigilance,

Growth Mindset Webinar

Webinar recap: Making The Grade With Growth Mindsets

The pressure of law school can make many law students feel so exhausted and uncertain that, regardless of how well they do academically, they still feel like failures or impostors. One way that science has found to enhance resilience is through the “growth mindset” framework. Research has linked the growth mindset

Law School Nation 04-08-16

Law School Nation

The Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Foundation is taking applications for its 41st scholarships. This opportunity is open to full-time and part-time law students in their second, third, or fourth year who attend an accredited law school and intend on practicing law in the Southern California area. The scholarship is available

Mind Games

Spaced Repetition: A tool to help you learn way more in way less time

A basic truth of expert exam performance is that, to do well, you have to know the subject matter, inside and out.  Traditional studying methods don’t do help you to do that very well.  One landmark study found that within 24 hours of memorizing new information, only about 34 percent


Applying the facts: Maximizing points in a law exam

Grades are in. You reviewed your exams. You talked with your professors, and they all told you the same thing: “If you had only ‘fleshed out’ your answers, you would have received a top grade.” As you now know, you failed to fully explain your analysis. Having heard this criticism, however,