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London Arbitration Program

Your future in arbitration: Global arbitration law and practice in a shrinking world

November 01, 2016

As the world has gotten smaller, the globalization of law has enlarged the range of opportunities for recent law school graduates.   At the center of global law and practice sits international commercial arbitration.  Some two decades ago, The Economist called international commercial arbitration “the Big Idea set to dominate legal-reform


#OwnTheBar with these 3 tips from BARBRI

October 20, 2016

Bar prep can be an intense and overwhelming process. But if you break it down with the right tools, you'll pass the bar exam – and you'll do it on the first try. BARBRI has extended its best price of the year – its Early Decision Tuition is $2,595 – through November 4. Be

Weekend MPRE

How to prepare for the MPRE

October 07, 2016

You’ve put off taking the MPRE long enough—it’s time to sign up for the MPRE so you can get one step closer to bar admission. This post will answer your most urgent questions about the MPRE exam. What is the MPRE and who has to take it? The MPRE (called

Go Premium

Cut your law school costs with Premium benefits

August 25, 2016

Law students can now upgrade their free American Bar Association membership to Premium to access exclusive benefits and savings. Learn More About ABA Premium Premium ABA members save $250 on BARBRI Bar Review; get $25 off West Academic case books and study guides; and

Grit And Grind

'Grit and Grind' your way to success in law school

July 14, 2016

Every student begins law school at the same starting line. Within weeks, days even, some students pull ahead while others fall behind. By the end of the year, at law schools all across America, the class is divided into GPA and class rank strata that include a top, middle, and bottom. What factors determine which group students end up in?