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Student Lawyer magazine gives law students the guidance they need to get through law school and start a legal career.

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Achieving Justice for All of Today’s Diverse Students – March/April/May 2017

March April May 2017 Student Lawyer

Cover Stories

Uncertain future awaits undocumented law students By Erik Badia

Invariably, law students work incredibly hard to get into law school and then to become attorneys. Many have faced serious hurdles along the way. Just think about your own experience—the effort, the hours, and the perseverance it has taken you to get to where you are today. Now try to imagine the obstacles you’d have to navigate if you were an undocumented immigrant.

Undocumented and unbeaten: What he’ll bring to the nation’s legal field By Thomas Kim

Until DACA, there’s been virtually no way for undocumented individuals like me to enter the profession of law. Soon, I’ll be one of this nation’s very first DACA-status licensed attorneys, with a skill to achieve something out of nothing but determination and a small opportunity.

Success: It’s all in your head By Erik Badia

A new initiative by CWIP seeks to educate women and other underrepresented groups on how to build that successful mindset – and early indicators are that it’s gaining ground.

Breaking the Legal Career Mold Issue – January/February 2017

Student Lawyer Jan Feb 2017

Cover Stories

How to resist the allure of a traditional practice By Erik Badia

Let those who’ve taken the road less traveled tell you how you might do the same and avoid the pressure to become a partner at BigLaw or an ADA for your local county.

Put your J.D. Advantage to Its greatest advantage By Lynae Tucker

In recent years, the term of art “J.D. advantage” was coined to describe careers that don’t require a license to practice law but for which applicants would be greatly advantaged in the job search process if they’ve earned a J.D. Read on to find out your range of options and insights from lawyers who’ve colored outside the traditional legal career boundaries.

Is politics your passion? By Lynae Tucker

Law students interested in politics often aim to seek elected office later in their career. But what are your short-term options in the political realm, and how do you get hired?

Civility in the Profession Issue – November/December 2016

November December Cover 2016

Cover Stories

Want a successful legal career? Be nice By Erik Badia

You can zealously represent your clients without being a schmuck, and lawyers promise your career and your clients will be the beneficiaries.

Activism and your legal career By Lynae Tucker

How should you address your passionate views when a job is at stake? With care and planning, experts say.

Politics as usual at the office? By Lynae Tucker

Should you discuss guns at the office? What about abortion? Proceed with caution.

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The Modern Lawyer Issue – September/October 2016

September October 2016 cover

Cover Stories

Must you conform to get a job? By Lynae Tucker

Times are changing, but whether you can showcase your personality with your dress, tattoos, piercings, and other ways to express yourself is still a judgment call.

Job hunting: What not to do By Erik Badia

Hiring managers and partners across the country offer their best tips for avoiding these mistakes they still see way too often.

How 5 students rocked their networking skills

Networking isn’t as hard as so many people make it out to be. Here’s how students segued personal contacts and skills into jobs.

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