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Student Lawyer magazine gives law students the guidance they need to get through law school and start a legal career.

Student Lawyer magazine subscription is included in ABA membership for law students. Non-law students can subscribe to Student Lawyer for $25. Student Lawyer is published four times a year and available online for members.

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Latest Issue

The Modern Lawyer Issue – September/October 2016

September October 2016 cover

Cover Stories

Must you conform to get a job? By Lynae Tucker

Times are changing, but whether you can showcase your personality with your dress, tattoos, piercings, and other ways to express yourself is still a judgment call.

Job hunting: What not to do By Erik Badia

Hiring managers and partners across the country offer their best tips for avoiding these mistakes they still see way too often.

How 5 students rocked their networking skills

Networking isn’t as hard as so many people make it out to be. Here’s how students segued personal contacts and skills into jobs.

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