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GPSolo for Law Students

By Sarah Moulder Sarah Moulder, a 3L at Mississippi College School of Law, is the 2012–13 Law Student Division Liaison to GPSolo. The Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division, also known as GPSolo, is truly a diverse organization. Our members work in a wide variety of substantive law areas and in a

Using All of Her Skills

By Leslie A. Gordon Leslie A. Gordon is a secret lawyer who has been working as a freelance legal affairs journalist for more than 10 years. Before graduating from Harvard Law School in 1993, Mary Flood spent years working as a journalist. “My dream job then was to work at the Attorney General’s

I Wish I'd Known

By Nancy K. Peterson Nancy K. Peterson is a partner in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, office of Quarles & Brady LLP. She has managed all environmental matters across the country for several corporate clients, negotiated environmental terms in corporate transactions throughout the United States and in Europe, and consulted with the Institute for

Law Student Gives Back to Those in Need in Travels Abroad

By Eileen M. Laux Eileen M. Laux, a 3L at Florida Coastal School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Upon graduating from Carroll College, he traveled to Belfast, Ireland, to participate in L’Arche Belfast, a community for adults with physical and mental disabilities. The community is part of an international federation

The Importance of Legal Research

By Shawn G. Nevers I doubt Steven Spielberg thought anyone watching Lincoln would think about legal research, but that’s what happened to me. In one pivotal scene, Lincoln and his Cabinet gather to discuss the proposed amendment abolishing slavery. Various Cabinet members are opposed to supporting an amendment they see as

Garner's Annual Parade of Law-Review Horribles

By Bryan A. Garner Yet I come not to bury law reviews, but (on the whole) to praise them. They provide an excellent editorial training ground for aspiring lawyers, all of whom desperately need this kind of training. The law review provided my own happiest experiences in law school, and many

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

By Carla J. DeVelder Carla J. DeVelder, a former law school associate dean with experience in student affairs and career development, is in-house counsel in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska. Pop quiz time! This is: (a) a polite, rhetorical question casually offered as a wrap-up to the interview or (b) a

Solos Encourage Students to Consider the Shingle

By Ed Finkel Ed Finkel is a freelance writer/editor in Evanston, Illinois. Solos offer words to the wise and share insights on the economy and technology. When John Davidson graduated Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, seven years ago after 25 years of “bumming around as a computer geek,” the job offers

Yes, Virginia, There Is Still Gender Bias in the Profession

By G.M. Filisko Here is a sobering statistic: Almost 80 percent of 92 major US firms with a chief governing committee had two or fewer women on that committee, according to a 2012 survey by The American Lawyer. Forty-two percent said their committee had only one woman. Eight firms had nary a