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“Unbundling” in the New Legal Marketplace

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Pamela Bucy Pierson Pamela Bucy Pierson is the Bainbridge-Mims Professor of Law at the University of Alabama School of Law. She thanks Henry A. Callaway, Hand Arendall LLC, based in Mobile, Alabama, and University of Alabama 3L Johnathan N. Wilhelm for their assistance with this

How to Survive Your First Year on the Job

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Karen Schwartz Karen Schwartz is a freelance journalist and business writer based in Oak Park, Illinois. You’ve landed your first job out of law school . . . congratulations! Now you’re all set to start working, but you may be a bit nervous about making a good impression


Clerkship Confidential

Judges Reveal What It Takes To Get Inside Their Courtroom Student Lawyer sits down with five judges from the ABA Judicial Division to get their expert advice on landing a coveted judicial clerkship, making the most out of this opportunity once you're in their chambers, secrets to working well with judges,

Five Ways to Seize Every Opportunity

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Erin Binns Erin Binns is director of career planning at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee. Access to the inner workings of any legal employer is a gift. Take full advantage of every opportunity you have to be inside an organization as a law clerk, volunteer, or intern.

Common Sense in Letter-Writing

You’ll be judged by the letters you write—and the emails. That should come as no surprise. People will gauge your intellect, your care, your confidence, your poise, and your considerateness by your letters. Neglect the skill of letter-writing at your peril. Most law students, I’ve discovered in recent years, don’t know

Which Practice-Ready Courses Should You Take?

Law schools have been providing courses and experiences to prepare law students for everyday legal practice for many years. The variety of these opportunities has expanded greatly in recent years as law schools have responded to changing economic markets, diversity in clients, new American Bar Association standards, and innovative technology. Learning

Stay True to Your Own Path

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Alison Monahan Alison Monahan is the creator of The Girl’s Guide to Law School, Law School Toolbox, Bar Exam Toolbox, and the legal careers site Trebuchet Legal. With these projects, she aims to demystify the law school and early legal career experience and help students stay true

Making an Impact Through Research

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Leslie A. Gordon Leslie A. Gordon is a secret lawyer who has been working as a freelance legal affairs journalist for more than 10 years. When Arin Reeves entered law school, she was interested in women’s rights and planned to prosecute sex crimes. But during her years at

In Brief: What’s your favorite legal research platform?

Quick! What’s your favorite legal research platform? Chances are, at this point in your law school career, you do have that one favorite database—the one you just “get” how to use the most. That’s fine, and only natural, writes Ashley Ahlbrand, in a post called “Research refresher: What happened to Miss

Suffolk Law Hosts Roundtable on Ethical Dilemmas

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Nicole Israel Nicole Israel, a 4L evening student at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer. “What is the first ethical dilemma you encountered as a young lawyer?” This was the first question posed during a compelling roundtable on professional resposibility at Suffolk University Boston

The Uniform Bar Exam: An Idea Past Due?

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Christopher Jennison Christopher Jennison, a 2L at Syracuse University College of Law in New York, is Second Circuit governor of the ABA Law Student Division. Soon-to-be law school graduates are getting ready to gear up for the bar exam in just a few months, and younger law students

HOT ISSUE: Students: Get Up to Speed on Dispute Resolution

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Matthew Schorr Matthew Schorr is a 3L at Rutgers School of Law—Camden in New Jersey and president of the school’s Student Bar Association. Dispute resolution is a useful skill that you use everyday whether you realize it or not. The types of dispute resolution that are commonly recognized

EIGHTH CIRCUIT: Martha White Price: Serving the Legal Needs of Rural Communities

EIGHTH CIRCUIT: Martha White Price: Serving the Legal Needs of Rural Communities Vol. 43 No. 7 By Lauren E. Hill   Lauren E. Hill, a 3L at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, is Fifteenth Circuit lieutenant governor of communications and public relations for the ABA Law Student Division. Martha

FOURTEENTH CIRCUIT: Amy Brandt: Championing Workers’ Rights

Vol. 43 No. 7 By M. Blair James M. Blair James, a 3L at the University of Kentucky College of Law in Lexington, Kentucky, is the Sixth Circuit lieutenant governor of communications for the Law Student Division. Amy Brandt, a 3L at UC Hastings College of Law, is a rising star among workers’

Liaisons Roundtable

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Dia Kirby, Kim Williams, Adrian R. Peguese, and Jeronica Sledge —*Dia Kirby is a liaison to the ABA Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law and a 3L at UC Davis School of Law.*Comments were derived from input from several members of the AHCD. —Kim Williams is

Breaking Down Legal Barriers for LGBT Youth

Vol. 43 No. 7 By Ryan Tilley Ryan Tilley is a 2L at Drexel University School of Law in Philadelphia. It’s no surprise Kara Ingelhart will be working in the LGBT movement following her graduation in May. Ingelhart, a 3L at the University of Chicago Law School, has long been fascinated with the

Chloes World: Representing the Law Student Division

Vol. 43 No. 7 Interview by Aaron Sohaski, Chair, ABA Law Student Division What does your role as law student representative to the ABA Board of Governors encompass? I like to think of the Board of Governors (BOG) as the United Nations of the ABA. There are 40 members of the BOG but each