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By Mathew Kerbis Thank you for an incredible year. This year, the Law Student Division continued to meet the needs of law students. New issues reared their heads, as they often do, and the Division addressed them directly. Overwhelmingly, students requested the ability to be paid and receive class credit as

Students Competed and Questioned a Retired Justice in the Florida Sun

By Adrian Peguese Adrian Peguese, a 2L at University of South Carolina School of Law, is the 2013–2014 Law Student Division Liaison to theABA Forum on Communication Law. A moot court competition, a Q & A with retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, and the Miami sun? It all happened

Secret Lawyer: From the Courtroom to the Beach

Vol. 42 No. 9 ByLeslie A. Gordon   Leslie A. Gordon is a secret lawyer who has been working as a freelance legal affairs journalist for more than 10 years. After graduating from the John Marshall Law School, Michael Palermo spent two-and-a-half years representing labor unions at a Chicago law firm. He later worked for

In Brief: Taking the bar exam in July? Here’s what not to obsess over:

  If you’re a 3L who’s gearing up for the bar exam this summer, it might seem like obsessing and studying are one and the same. Not so, writes Lee Burgess, in a post called “Four bar exam obsessions (you could do without)” at Solo Practice University ( Burgess, a private bar

I Wish I'd Known

By Kathlynn Smith Kathlynn Smith is a partner at Hunt Ortmann in Pasadena, California. She specializes in construction and general business litigation. Kathlynn has successfully represented owners, developers, contractors, and subcontractors in a wide variety of matters relating to contract administration and construction claims. She places a particular emphasis on construction claims

Champion Against Abuse

By Nicole Israel Nicole Israel is a 3L at New York Law School and the student editor of Student Lawyer . This month, Diana Alvarado Chavez, a 3L at Gonzaga University School of Law, will receive her JD. She is determined to use her degree to help domestic violence victims reclaim their lives. Chavez

Take a Step Back and Reflect on Your Skills

By Amy L. Jarmon Amy L. Jarmon, assistant dean for academic success programs at Texas Tech University School of Law, is a professor and coeditor of the Law School Academic Support Blog. She is the author of Time and Workplace Management for Lawyers which is published by the American Bar Association. As

Eliminate Zombie Nouns and Minimize Passive Voice

By Bryan A. Garner Bryan A. Garner (@bryanagarner), President of LawProse Inc., is the author of The Elements of Legal Style , Legal Writing in Plain English , The Winning Brief , The Winning Oral Argument , The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style , and many other books. Since 1994,

Refining Your Career Aspirations

By Erin Binns Erin Binns is director of career planning at Marquette University Law School. What do you plan to do with your law degree? This question evokes tremors of anxiety in many law students because either they don’t know or they thought they knew but their interests are now expanding rather than