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The next step in an aviation career

By Matthew Gorney Matthew Gorney, a 2L at the University of Kansas School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Born on Wheelus Air Force Base in , David Cain grew up around planes and aeronautics. Cain’s family moved around when he was growing up because his father, Jim, was in

SBA presidents elect new vice chair

By Candace M. Ruocco Candace M. Ruocco is a 3L at Saint Louis University School of Law. After being elected to her second term as Whittier Law School’s Student Bar Association (SBA) president in April, Michelle Philo won another election in August. At the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto, she was elected vice

Officially Speaking

Vol. 40 No. 3 ByBrandon S. Smith Brandon S. Smith, from the University of South Carolina School of Law, is the ABA Board of Governors Representative for the Law Student Division. The vote stood unanimous. At the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto, more than 500 attorneys from throughout the nation assembled in the

Liaison Notebook: Center For Professional Responsibility Helps You Avoid Ethical Hot Water

By Aliisa Leon Aliisa Leon, a 2L Brigham Young University, J. Reuben Clark School of Law, is the 2011-12 Student Division liaison to the Center for Professional Responsibility. Most students will take a professional responsibility class at some point in law school and all will face ethical challenges in the practice of

Where are the jobs?

By L.J. Jackson L.J. Jackson is a freelance writer and attorney who specializes in law and business reporting. She is based in Chicago. It's not news that for grads leaving law school, competition for entry-level positions is stiff and jobs are difficult to come by. But this doesn’t mean they are impossible to

Judicial clerkships for all: Tips for the other 90 percent

By Carla J. DeVelder Carla J. DeVelder, a former law school associate dean with experience in student affairs and career development, is in-house counsel in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska. Judicial clerkships have a lot to offer: They hone research and writing skills, provide great exposure to practicing lawyers, create an

Assessing part-time status: Is there a stigma?

By G.M. Filisko G.M. Filisko is a lawyer and freelance writer in Chicago. Many part-time students have opted for a reduced schedule because they have career, financial, or family obligations they cannot or do not want to put on hold while getting a law degree. Will attending law school part-time keep them

Getting seriously good—in public

By Bryan A. Garner Bryan A. Garner is the president of LawProse, Inc. He is the author of many widely used books, including Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (with Justice Antonin Scalia) and Garner’s Modern American Usage. He is the editor in chief of all current editions of

Studying with other students for more success

By Amy L. Jarmon Amy L. Jarmon, assistant dean for academic success programs at Texas Tech University School of Law, is a professor and coeditor of the Law School Academic Support Blog. She has practiced law in the United Sates and the United Kingdom. “Study groups” are a long-standing tradition in law

I Wish I'd Known

By Trey Cox Trey Cox is a trial lawyer in Dallas with Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox, LLP. He is board certified as a trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Cox represents Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, and leading firms in a wide array of industries. My dad, a practicing