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Don’t Find a Fault, Find a Remedy

By Steven D. Cometa As law students, we are cognizant that many issues face our profession. Some of those issues include a grim employment outlook, student loan debt, and efforts to improve transparency in the administration of legal education. Because we are most likely the busiest that we have ever been, complaining

Ignore Law School Etiquette at Your Career Peril

Vol. 42 No. 3 By G.M. Filisko G.M. Filisko is a lawyer and freelance writer in Chicago. Law school is a social and cultural world unto itself. Like all societies and cultures, it has its own set of norms and rules. Understanding and employing proper etiquette will help you succeed. “We had an incident

New Delegates Elected

By Nicole Israel Four new Division Delegates are ready to embrace the responsibility of representing and helping promote the ABA Law Student Division’s interests and concerns to the ABA House of Delegates (ABA-HOD). Raymond Gennawey, Michael Perez, and Joseph Zeidner join Jim Manning, the Division Representative to the ABA Board of Governors

I Wish I'd Known

Vol. 42 No. 3 ByBrad Meltzer   Brad Meltzer is the author of eight New York Times bestselling novels. He hosts Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel. He received the Eisner Award for his work on the critically acclaimed Justice League of America. His newest works are History Decoded: The 10 Greatest

New Vice Chair–SBA Sworn In

By Nicole Israel Nicole Israel, a 3L at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer. The ABA Law Student Division elected Joseph Cunningham to serve as Vice Chair–Student Bar Associations, a 3L from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. Cunningham hails from a background of

Getting the Deaf a Fair Hearing

Vol. 42 No. 3 ByNicole Israel   NICOLE ISRAEL, a 3L at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Talila Lewis gives voice to the voiceless. Lewis, a 3L from American University Washington College of Law, has an ambitious schedule— holding a day job as a paralegal, attending classes, and running

How’s Your Command of Grammar?

Vol. 42 No. 3 ByBryan A. Garner   Bryan A. Garner, the president of LawProse, Inc., is the author most recently of Legal Writing in Plain English (2d ed. 2013) and HBR Guide to Better Business Writing (2013). Since 1994, he has been editor in chief of all editions of Black’s Law Dictionary. In

Study Aids: Proceed with Caution

Vol. 42 No. 3 By Amy L. Jarmon   Amy L. Jarmon, assistant dean for academic success programs at Texas Tech University School of Law, is a professor and coeditor of the Law School Academic Support Blog . She is the author of Time and Workplace Management for Lawyers which is published by

In-House Law: Do They Even Hire Students?

Vol. 42 No. 3 ByCarla DeVelder   CARLA J. DEVELDER, a former law school associate dean with experience in student affairs and career development, is in-house counsel in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska. The stereotypical career trajectory for an in-house lawyer begins at a midsize to large law firm. As corporate legal departments

Fictional Lawyers Reel Lessons to be Learned

Vol. 42 No. 3 ByAnna Stolley Persky   Anna Stolley Persky is a freelance writer in the Washington, D.C. area. From the enshrined-in-our-culture Perry Mason to the more contemporary Saul Goodman, fictional lawyers, and the writers behind them, provide hours of amusement as they muddle through outrageous imaginary ethical dilemmas. After all, real-life lawyers never