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Briefing Cases - Learning Legal Interpretation

What is the most important lawyerly skill you might acquire in law school? I say it's the art of reading cases knowledgeably––especially cases involving textual interpretation. It’s unfortunate that textual interpretation is largely neglected in legal education. Professor Mary Ann Glendon of has written: “Most of our fellow citizens . .


Networking: As Important As Ever for Law Students

  The recession and non-recovery have made finding that first job out of law school as challenging as ever—and that means networking with potential employers is as important as ever. But many students find the process uncomfortable and don’t know how best to go about it. “When people think of networking, they

(Not So) Risky Business: The Big World of Insurance

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByArin Greenwood Arin Greenwood is a writer in the , area, and author of the novel Tropical Depression, published by Back Porch Books in 2011. Jobs in the insurance industry can be interesting, not to mention remunerative, varied, personally rewarding—and perhaps even available. Before you start thinking this is a

Time Management for the Successful Lawyer (and Law Student)

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByCarla J. DeVelder Carla J. DeVelder, a former law school associate dean with experience in student affairs and career development, is in-house counsel in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska. By implementing good habits in law school, law students will be more productive and balanced while in school, and

Our Independent Judiciary

Working for Uncle Sam - Government Jobs for Law Grads

By Carla J. DeVelder. Some argue that it would be hard to find a job with better benefits, job security, steadier hours, or a deeper sense of public service than that of an attorney working for the government. But do these arguments hold up to the realities of the job? If

Circuit Board

Vol. 40 No. 2 Compiled byMatthew Gorney 1st Circuit Sarah Chervinsky from Yale Law School won the Baylor Law School National Top Gun Mock Trial Competition in June, taking away the $10,000 prize. The competition is by invitation only where advocates from the ’ top 18 competitive schools individually face each other head-to-head

Officially Speaking

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByWill Binkley Secretary-Treasurer of the Law Student Division With the new school year in full swing, it is time to get down to business. The ABA Law Student Division encourages students to create and participate in new programs and initiatives that will benefit your schools and communities. The Division’s Work-A-Day


Vol. 40 No. 2 ByMatthew Gorney During the ABA Annual Meeting in , the theme for the year’s Law Student Division Work-A-Day was announced. The theme for 2011–12 is “Civil Gideon: Representation for All.” The focus of this theme is to raise awareness of the issues low-income people face when trying to access

ABA House of Delegates Authorizes Law Student Vote on ABA Board

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByMatthew Gorney Matthew Gorney, a 2L at the University of Kansas School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Although the Law Student Division addressed a number of issues during the ABA Annual Meeting in in August, arguably none was more important than the passage of Resolution 11-3. This

Law as Writer's Fodder

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByLeslie A. Gordon Leslie A. Gordon is a secret lawyer who has been working as a freelance legal affairs journalist for more than 10 years. Even though she only practiced law for three years, science fiction writer Melinda Snodgrass says she has never regretted going to law school. After graduating

In Brief - Nifty online study aid: The digital highlighter

Do you do a lot of studying online? If so, do you ever wish you could easily highlight certain passages, just like you can in a textbook? (OK, maybe you don’t—but it sounds cool, right?) In a post called “How to Install and Use Digital Highlighters” at Legal Skills Prof Blog,

I Wish I'd Known

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByMary L. Bonauto Mary L. Bonauto has been the Civil Rights Project Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) since 1990. "Develop and expertise to make a difference," says Mary L. Bonauto, project director at GLAD since 1990. We are a nation that endeavors to continue perfecting itself.—Justice

Hitting Opponents and the Books

Vol. 40 No. 2 ByCandace M. Ruocco Candace M. Ruocco, Saint Louis School of Law Jarrett Leiker really packs a punch—and not only in the sparring ring. A 2009 honors graduate from and a 2L at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law, Leiker is also a nationally recognized martial arts instructor and

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Statutes

By Shawn G. Nevers. While case law has the run of the law school curriculum, statutes are often relegated to secondary status. Don’t get me wrong. Case law is critical for legal research. But law school has an almost obsessive relationship with case law that dates back to Christopher Columbus Langdell and