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School Success in Seven Steps

Realize that law school requires a different commitment to your studies. For many law students, prior college courses were not essential to their futures. They could cram at the end of the semester, “brain dump” for a good grade, and then forget what they learned because they never planned to

How to Make Your Job Search Fit Your Schedule

By Carla J. DeVelder Get Focused In a tight job market, law students in need of experience will often say, “I will take any job anywhere.” While flexibility and adaptability are critical qualities, casting your net too wide results in an unfocused job search taking an incredible amount of time and that

Elective Directive: Be Selective

A funny thing happened on the way to Dustin Saiidi’s planned career in intellectual property law. He loaded up on patent and IP electives in law school—and didn’t like them. “I studied electrical engineering in college and thought I’d like patent law,” says the 2010 University of the Pacific McGeorge School

Your Verbal, Mental, and Material Wealth

With that thought in mind, let’s take some words of general interest and see how well you know them. I’ve selected some terms that O’Connor used in testing audiences, favoring ones that might be of some use to lawyers. Each of the terms listed was known to no more than

We Are the Next Generation of Great Facilitators

By Mathew Kerbis Lawyers are, after all, facilitators of society, businesses, government, and much, much more. We pursued an excellent education despite a risky job market. As a fellow student, I understand that the job market is our most pressing issue. My primary duty as chair is to ensure the smooth

Transformative Tech Tips

By Tom Mighell Tom Mighell is a senior consultant for Contoural, Inc. in Los Altos, California. He may be reached at You may take technology for granted. Most likely, you have been working with computers throughout your entire academic life.You no doubt have a good grasp of the basics of word

New Division Officers Sworn In

By Nicole Israel Nicole Israel, a 3L at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer. This year’s new ABA Law Student Division officers are ready to take the lead for an exciting year ahead. During the March spring meeting, the Division Board of Governors (Division BOG) elected MATHEW KERBIS,

Secret Lawyer

By Leslie A. Gordon Leslie A. Gordon ( is a secret lawyer who works as a freelance legal affairs journalist and novelist. Her most recent novel is Cheer: A Novel. Career satisfaction is important. Watching others enjoy the fruit of your labor may provide that satisfaction. That’s what happened to BEN ZION.

In Brief: Too many lawyers? Maybe not

Too many lawyers? Maybe not You’ve probably realized that you’re in law school at a time of significant change and challenge in the legal profession and the economy as a whole. But if you’re feeling down, Lee Burgess at Law School Toolbox ( has some encouraging words for you: “[T]here is much

I Wish I'd Known

By Elizabeth Kelley Elizabeth Kelley hosts two radio programs: “AuthorChats” and “CelebrityCourt.” “CelebrityCourt” is an award-winning weekly show providing in-depth legal analysis of celebrity news stories. Past interviews include civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, Eastern District of New York Judge Frederic Block, and forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht. she practices federal

His Golf Swing Is Charitable

By Nicole Israel Nicole Israel, a 3L at New York Law School, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Even most non-golfers know that it is best to avoid hitting the ball in the rough. Most golfers actively avoid the rough. LUKE BIELAWSKI is not most golfers. He spent his summer playing a