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Talk about sports law in the first #LegalCareerChat

ABA Legal Career Central is proud to introduce #LegalCareerChat, our new twitter chat series showcasing various practice areas. The chat will debut on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 2pm ET. Our first chat guest will be David Cohen (@DavidCohenEsq), General Counsel of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A graduate of California Western School of

Law Student Mentoring Image

Law student mentoring: Connect with ABA lawyers with a new premium program

The ABA is launching a mentoring program for law students. But it’s probably not what you think. If traditional mentoring is more like an arranged marriage, ours is more like Tinder. Let me explain. Did you know the ABA has network of 400,000+ legal professionals across the globe? No other bar

Aaron Sohaski

The importance of networking in law school

Sharpen your pencils and pack your bags because it’s back to school time! Aѕ you embark оn the path to becoming a lawyer, I wаnt tо impart ѕоmе valuable advice I wіѕh ѕоmеоnе hаd told me before starting law school. Now, mоrе thаn ever, уоu wіll hear а lot аbоut thе

Airplanes at the Smithsonian

Why become an aviation attorney?

As a student of the law, or one who may be considering the law, maybe you have thought ahead to the particular area you would like to focus on, and develop a specialized expertise in. Whether that's the case or not, however, I would like to ask you to consider

What not to do

Job hunting: What not to do

By ERIK BADIA The halls of law firms and legal offices across the country are littered with the gaffes and missteps of job candidates who looked so promising on paper but failed to deliver when it came to crunch time. Ask any hiring partner, legal recruiter, or human resources professional in

Alan Dershowitz

I Wish I'd Known: Be wary of representing acquaintances

By ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ Having been the first person in my family to go to college, I knew almost nothing about being a lawyer when I entered Yale Law School in 1959. Although I learned a lot of theory from great professors, law school didn’t prepare me for the rough and

Five Tools to Help You Become a More Confident Public Speaker

By Stan Polit. For most people, few things are more stress-inducing than having to speak in front of a group. We all know the old adage that most people fear public speaking more than death. Unfortunately, law students are not immune from these nerves. Whether it is the proverbial 1L oral arguments

May the [Air] Force Be with You

By Fabiani Duarte Mercer University— Walter F. George School of Law Chair, ABA Law Student Division Working as a judge advocate general law clerk over the past year helped me affirm two things: Combining my law degree with service to my nation is something I want to do. Pursuing a career in public

Pro bono leads to a calling

Growing up in the projects on the Lower East Side of New York City and watching her immigrant Chinese mother work in the garment industry’s sweatshops—even working alongside her at times— Villy Wang became determined to grow up and earn enough money that her mother wouldn’t have to work so hard. Wang achieved

Do you have the right stuff to succeed in PI work

By Jared Staver JARED STAVER is managing partner of the Staver Law Group, a personal-injury firm he launched 15 years ago in Chicago. Do personal injury work, they said! It’s Exciting, and you’ll make gobs of money! You’ve probably heard that advice, and it can be true. Personal injury law is a highly

How to dress to your curriculum

By Amy Phan Taylor AMY PHAN TAYLOR, a 2L student at Seattle University School of Law, is student editor of Student Lawyer. Here's how to avoid losing a job opportunity because of a fashion faux pas — and even save a few dollars building your wardrobe. Black Capri pants. Animal print strappy heels. Ties hitting

Job search advice for graduates

By Liz Stone LIZ STONE ( is managing director of The Dubin Group LLC, an attorney search firm in the San Francisco Bay area. You’re anticipating graduating and passing the bar, and you’re ready to find a job. Here are tips for your job search. Evaluate whether a recruiter will be able to

Interview tips for law students.

8 Tips for A+ Interviews

By Susan Fine. Of course, you’ve prepared for job interviews. But before you meet with any prospective employer, be sure you’ve covered these eight bases. Everyone agrees that good preparation is the key to a successful interview. But what sets the top performers apart? They ensure that their preparation goes well beyond

6 Interviewing traits you should have

By Casey Berman CASEY BERMAN ( graduated from law school in 1999 and is now a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and founder of Leave Law Behind (http://www.leavelawbehind. com/), a blog helping lawyers find alternate careers. When I was a freshman in college, I was given one of the most valuable items a 19-year-old

Networking tips from those who dread it

By ADAM FRIEDL ADAM FRIEDL ( is deputy director of the Midtown Community Court in New York City, a demonstration project of the Center for Court Innovation. “You should network.” It probably ranks somewhere between “build your personal brand” and “start contributing 10 percent of your income to a 401(k) at age 22”

resume dos and donts.

Do’s and don’ts for resumes and cover letters

By Mark Weber When you have approximately 15 seconds to grab the attention of an employer who’s scanning your resume and cover letter, how can you make a strong first impression? Here’s a road map. First, before you even begin working on a resume and cover letter, clean up your online presence.

Open doors at law firms

By Carol Kanarek CAROL KANAREK ( is a former transactional lawyer who has also earned her master’s degree in social work. She has provided career-related services to lawyers, law students, and law firms for more than 30 years. Resumes and cover letters are the key to sparking the interest of potential employers. The

Tips for making the right first impression

By Avery Blank AVERY BLANK ( uses her legal training as a consultant and is a nationally recognized women’s advocate. Your online presence may now be the first impression you make on others. You can access information on the Internet about yourself and others more quickly and easily (for better or for worse)

Create a Networking Master Plan

 By Ruth Carter Ruth Carter is the owner of Carter Law Firm and of counsel at Venjuris in Phoenix, Arizona. She was named an ABA Journal Legal Rebel in 2012 and a Phoenix Business Journal 40 Under 40 in 2013. She’s the author of three best-selling books on the legalities of

Arguing Your Authorities

As a lawyer in court, you’ll need two intellectual qualities: a head for the law and a head for the facts. Both are essential. You must be able to apply the right rule with common sense, and you must be able to show the soundness of that application to your

In Brief: Developing a thick skin

One more thing to work on: developing a thick skin“As a first-year lawyer, all kinds of people are going to tell you that you aren’t very good at what you are doing,” writes solo lawyer and blogger Sam Glover. “In fact, they will keep telling you that for years.” That may