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Student Lawyer: Civility in the Profession Issue

Student Lawyer: Civility in the Profession Issue

The November/December 2016 issue of Student Lawyer carries this one message: You can be civil and succeed as a lawyer. We teach you how to contend without being contentious, how to navigate office politics without alienating your co-workers, and update you on the DREAM Initiative and the Law Student Podcast. Want


Want a successful legal career? Be nice

By ERIK BADIA It’s no secret that in the eyes of the public, lawyers don’t have the best reputation. In law school, they don’t teach you how to be kind and respectful. They teach you how to dissect your opponent and win. And this makes sense, given the nature of an attorney’s


Activism and your legal career

By LYNAE TUCKER There isn’t a region in these United States that has avoided the reach of political activism in the form of protests and demonstrations. Law students across the country wrestle with the pros and cons of participating as activists because those actions may carry life-changing con-sequences. Passing the character and

Office Politics

Politics as usual at the office?

By LYNAE TUCKER Expressing yourself politically—both online and in the workplace—can be nerve racking as a law student. Sure, lawyers are often politically and socially active. But how should you address your passionate views when a job is at stake? With care and planning, experts say. Professional politics Being a lawyer is all about


What to know about your first summer internship

By BILL CHAMBERLAIN The 1L summer internship is the capstone to the first year of law school. You can finally get out of the classroom and put what you’ve learned to use in actual legal practice. No matter what students do over the first summer, I find that when they return to campus,


Editor's Note: On disagreeing without being disagreeable

By ERIK BADIA Hello, and thanks for paging through the second issue of Student Lawyer for the 2016-17 academic year. Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m the new deputy student editor of the magazine, working alongside Lynae Tucker, our student editor. I hope you enjoyed reading our September/October Modern Lawyer issue as


It’s okay to get nervous

  By MARK COONEY A panel of 137 American scholars ranked Dr. Martin Luther King’s landmark “I Have a Dream” speech the best political speech of the 20th century, citing, among other things, its “rhetorical artistry.” But according to a bystander in Dr. King’s inner circle, King was “uncharacteristically nervous” that day – and

Law Student Podcast

Law Student Podcasts: Here’s what you’re missing

Even busy law students need entertainment sometimes. Don’t miss out on some really interesting discussions—be sure to check out the ABA Law Student Division podcast. Not only does it have new hosts, but the podcast also has new guests on unique topics. The most recent podcast featured an interview with Gen.

Korin Shachaf

How the lessons of giving back translate to the law

By LYNAE TUCKER Korin Shachaf, a 3L at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Wash., found her niche in college thanks to her passion for horses. In September 2009, Shachaf joined the Central Washington University Equestrian Team and soon became a volunteer rescuing horses. “I moved away for the first time in life,

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred: Follow your instincts from the start

I Wish I'd Known By GLORIA ALLRED Throughout my legal career I’ve taken what I’d call educated risks and followed my instincts. If I hadn’t done that, my life would have been very different. Early in my career, Judge Arthur Alarcon, for whom I clerked in law school, told me, “Gloria, you shouldn’t work

Mental Health

Mental health: Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself

By JOHN LOUROS We all deal with the stress of law school in different ways. Some students wear it as a badge of honor or consider it a rite of passage, some joke about it with their friends, and others quietly accept it. A surprising few, however, look at their mental

John Louros

LSD recognizes Louros as 'Star of the Division'

John Louros, a 3L at New York Law School, has been recognized by the ABA Law Student Division with the Star of the Division Award. The award recognizes an individual whose service, leadership, commitment, and hard work on behalf of law students across the country has far surpassed expectations and substantially

Law School Nation

Law School Nation: November/December 2016

CALIFORNIA Students at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law are now able to explore unique and interesting areas of law—such as sports and entertainment or mergers and acquisitions—with a slate of new, one-credit courses taught by adjunct professors who have real-world experience. Courses like “Representing Professional Athletes,” “Negotiating Hollywood Contracts,”