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Law Student Division Secretary-Treasurer


2016-2017 Elected Officers


2016-2017 Elected Governors

Job Description

The Secretary-Treasurer of the Division is not just a record-keeper. The Secretary-Treasurer needs to be the rare law student who is comfortable with numbers – you’re going to be dealing with budgets. You also lead the group that oversees the editorial function of Student Lawyer magazine.

  • Time commitment: 15-25 hours weekly.
  • Election Method: The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer are elected each year by the Law Student Division Board of Governors which consists of five officers, three delegates to the ABA House of Delegates and fifteen regional circuit governors.
  • Term: Successful candidates for each of these positions serve as Officers-Elect from March to August before assuming their one-year term of office (August of this year to August of next year) at the conclusion of the ABA Annual Meeting.
  • Membership Level: Must be a Premium Law Student Division member.*

Applications Closed

Job Responsibilities

The Secretary-Treasurer:

  • Serves as secretary to the Division’s Board of Governors and Assembly. Prepares, records and submits official minutes of both governing bodies in a timely manner.
  • Submits in proper form, in conjunction with the Resolutions Committee Chair, resolutions passed by the Board and Assembly.
  • Implements and communicates the Division and Association policies and procedures relating to financial management. In conjunction with the Division Director, reviews and approves funding requests for the membership fund, representatives fund, grant fund, and division meeting expenditures.
  • Chairs the Division’s Operations and Publications Committee. Annually updates the Division training materials, forms and applications.
  • Serves on editorial board of the Student Lawyer magazine. Reviews copy and provides comment. (4 issues annually).
  • Serves on the Division’s Executive Board. Participates on officer conference calls.
  • Prepares and submits comprehensive officer and committee reports (8 annually).
  • Assists in judging the Division’s national awards.
  • Follow and understand the current Law Student Division Bylaws.

Travel Requirements

This position is expected to attend the following. Most travel-related expenses are reimbursed by the Division subject to Division guidelines.

  • Spring Board of Governors Training Meeting on March 31st – April 1st, 2016 (Mandatory)
  • ABA Annual Meeting in August (as officer-elect)
  • Section Officers Conference and Fall Board of Governors Meeting in September
  • Fall Circuit Meeting(s) as needed (travel not reimbursable)
  • ABA Midyear Meeting in February
  • Spring Circuit Meeting(s) as needed (travel not reimbursable)
  • Spring Board of Governors Training Meeting in March or April
  • ABA Annual Meeting in August (as officer)
  • Other travel as needed to fulfill commitments on committees as appointed throughout the year


To be certified as a candidate for Secretary-Treasurer, an individual must be:

  • A law student attending an ABA-approved law school;
  • An ABA Law Student Division member for the current bar year by the filing deadline;
  • Premium Law Student Division member.*
  • A law student in good standing at law school (not on academic probation or suspension) during the academic year;
  • A law student who has not received his/her first degree in law;
  • A law student attending law school during the academic year subsequent to June 1, 2016;
  • A law student who has received the approval of his/her law school dean to run for office. All nomination forms must be approved and signed by each candidate’s dean; and
  • A law student who is in compliance with the submission deadlines and requirements.

Applications Closed

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