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Student Producer


The Student Producer helps manage production of the ABA Law Student Podcast, an interview program where high-profile guests offer advice and discussion on issues that matter to law students. Podcast guests have included Senator Lindsey Graham, ABA President Paulette Brown, and Richard Conviser, founder of Barbri.

The Student Producer, generally, participates in activities and performs specific tasks overseen by the Student Editor, the Chair, and ABA Staff to build and improve the overall quality of the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division Contemporary Media presence.

Skills and Requirements:

The Student Producer may have a background or interest in the delivery and production of multimedia communications, such as podcasting, radio, television, and other video.

The candidate must be comfortable reaching out to, and coordinating with, high-profile attorneys and potential guests.


    • Generate guest and topic ideas for the podcast
    • Assist in coordinating and producing podcasts
    • Reach out to, and coordinate with, potential guests
    • Develop and maintain a regular recording schedule
    • Create scripts and content for podcasts
    • Work closely with podcast co-hosts and Legal Talk Network producers
    • Serve on the Publications & Communications Committee
    • Have experience or interest in digital media production
    • Establish and maintain consistent communication with the Student Editor and other related positions regarding content and release of podcasts
    • Write one article for the Student Lawyer Magazine
    • Prioritize deadlines

Not Currently Accepting Applications

  • Term:The Student Producer is a volunteer leadership position appointed by the Chair of the ABA Law Student Division. The role’s term begins on May 1 and ends the following April 30 or at a time designated by the Chair. This is a non-funded division position and does not include travel or expenses.
  • Time Commitment: 10-20 hours a month.
  • Membership Level: Must be a Premium Law Student Division member.*


*Premium Law Student Division Members receive exclusive benefits ranging from: $250 off BARBRI Bar Review, $25 off West Academic Casebooks & Study Guides, The ability to compete in student competitions and run for leadership positions, connections to ABA Lawyers for resume review, free books and eBooks, and access to a free Legal Ethics Course online. All for $25!