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National Student Director Positions

Law Student Division National Directors

Competition National Student Directors

Term: June 1 – May 31

The Law Student Division has four Competition National Student Directors:

The National Student Director (NSD) term begins on June 1 and ends the following May 31. The National Student Director participates in activities and performs specific tasks assigned by the Competitions Committee or Subcommittee Chair to build and improve the overall quality of the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division Competitions Program.

Specifically, the National Student Director:

  • Must attend the Competitions Committee Meeting in September (Chicago).
  • Participates on Subcommittee conference calls throughout the competition year.
  • Contributes to the planning and execution of the Subcommittee’s goals.
  • Prepares and promptly submits to the office a detailed written record of all Subcommittee meetings, including telephone conference calls (if applicable) for historical files.
  • Attends or provides information for presentation at his/her circuit’s Spring Meeting and Fall Leadership Summits to actively promote the competitions – stressing the importance of the competitions and responding to general competition inquiries.
  • Contacts each circuit governor, encouraging the governor to advocate to his or her school representatives the value and importance of participation in the competitions.
  • The Arbitration Competition, Client Counseling Competition, and Negotiation Competition NSD’s attend the competition national finals performing tasks as requested by the Chair of the Subcommittee.  The NAAC NSD attends three regional competitions and may attend the NAAC National Finals.
  • Thrice annually (October 15, March 15 and May 15) prepares and submits activity reports to the Division’s Liaison Coordinators and Associate Director. Reports on the Competitions Committee / Subcommittee meetings and/or conference calls attended, Division meetings attended, issues facing the Competitions Program, effectiveness of projects and improvements that have been implemented, and includes any suggestions for improving the competition at the regional and national level.
  • Copies the office and the Subcommittee on all correspondence and reports.
  • Submits a document describing the competition and featuring results from the National Finals and quotes from the winning teams, which will form the basis of the Student Lawyer article to be published in the Spring or Fall, to the Division’s Associate Director.
  • Actively seeks out and encourages qualified individuals to apply for the National Student Director positions.

For more information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Competition National Student Directors contact:

Sara Stretch
Associate Director
ABA Law Student Division

The application period for this position is closed.

VITA National Student Director
Term: July 1 – June 30

The term of the National Student Director for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) begins on July 1 and ends the following June 31st. The NSD participates in activities and performs specific tasks assigned by the Division Chair to build and improve the overall quality of the American Bar Association’s VITA program as follows:

  • Serves as a link between the Law Student Division and independent VITA sites at ABA-approved law schools.
  • Provides guidance and serves as a VITA information clearing house to participating VITA sites.
  • Researches innovative tools law students can use to prepare tax returns and provides updates in tax laws.
  • Updates and researches information for the VITA Handbook distributed at the Annual Meeting.
  • Communicates with VITA participants via the Law Student Division VITA List Serve.
  • Prepares copy and updates for the ABA Law Student Division VITA webpage.
  • Maintains a communication pipeline regarding the Law Student Division VITA program with the Law Student Division Liaison to the ABA Section on Taxation and the Circuit Lt. Governors for VITA.
  • Collects VITA electronic registration forms and prepares a database of all Law Student Division VITA participants.
  • Collects and summarizes VITA electronic reports from ABA-approved law schools participating in the program. Reports are submitted electronically from VITA coordinators in February, March and April. A final report from all VITA sites is submitted electronically in May.
  • Prepares three status reports to the ABA Law Student Division Board of Governors (October, March and May).
  • Participates on the Annual VITA Award Selection Committee.
  • Provides creative suggestions and methods for increasing the number of ABA-approved law schools participating in the Law Student Division VITA program.
  • Consult with the Student Lawyer editor on writing a brief article for Student Lawyer describing the purposes/activities of VITA at ABA-approved law schools.
  • Participate on the liaison training conference call.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting Liaison training session.

Time commitment: 10 hours monthly.

The application period for this position is closed.