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Students Wanted for ABA Leadership Posts


Vol. 39 No. 9
Through the ABA Law Student Division, members have the opportunity to gain leadership experience while still in law school. The Division offers something for every student at every level of their legal education. Depending on how much time you have to devote outside your studies, there’s an opportunity for you.

All applications for the positions of Division delegate and vice chair-student bar associations must be postmarked by June 1, 2011, and must be sent by overnight delivery service to furnish clear proof of sending and timely receipt. This is a strict-liability deadline and requirement. No exceptions will be granted.
The following are summaries for the positions to be elected in August at the ABA Annual Meeting. Further details, including election and campaign guidelines and nomination forms, are available


Division Delegates
Three Division delegates are elected for one-year terms by the Law Student Division Assembly (ABA representatives and SBA presidents from each ABA-approved law school). The election takes place during the ABA Annual Meeting in August each year.

Division delegates serve in the ABA House of Delegates, which establishes policy on the administration of the association and its positions on professional and public issues. Among other responsibilities, Division delegates must attend each meeting of the House of Delegates and participate fully in its proceedings.

Division delegates advocate Law Student Division positions to various ABA entities and before the House of Delegates. They work and vote with the Division’s national officers and circuit governors at three yearly meetings of the Division’s Board of Governors. The total travel commitment is approximately six times annually. Most travel-related expenses are reimbursed by the Division, subject to its guidelines.

Further details about the Division delegate positions are


Vice Chair-Student Bar Associations
The vice chair-SBA is elected for a one-year term by the SBA Conference (SBA presidents from each ABA-approved law school) and confirmed by the Law Student Division Board of Governors. The election takes place during the ABA Annual Meeting in August each year.

Among other duties, the vice chair-SBA oversees and facilitates the relationship between the SBA and ABA organizations at local, regional, and national levels. This individual promotes SBA participation and membership in the Division and the ABA. A national officer of the Division and a member of its Board of Governors, the vice chair-SBA advocates SBA issues to the board.

The vice chair-SBA regularly communicates with SBA presidents at each ABA-approved law school via online forums and web boards, and facilitates discussion on law student issues. The total travel commitment for meetings on behalf of the Division is approximately eight times annually. Most travel-related expenses are reimbursed by the Division, subject to its guidelines.

Further details about the position of vice chair-SBA are


Enter the Competitions
The ABA Law Student Division sponsors four national competitions each year, offering students an opportunity to gain résumé-building experience and recognition, develop lawyering skills, and meet and network with law students and lawyers from across the country.

Arbitration Competition. Topic: Construction Delays. Registration deadline: September 16.

Negotiation Competition. Topic: Real Property. Registration deadline: September 16.

Client Counseling Competition. Topic: Education/School Law. Registration deadline: October 21.

National Appellate Advocacy Competition. Topic: Constitutional Law. Registration deadline: November 4.


To get more information and to register for the Law Student Division’s national competitions, beginning in June, visit

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