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University of Connecticut School of Law Takes SBA Award


Vol. 40 No. 4
ByDaniel Sell

Daniel Sell is a 2L at Capital University Law School.

The Law Student Division presented the University of Connecticut (UCONN) School of Law with the Student Bar Association (SBA) Award during the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto.

“[It] was primarily a shock to all of us. Nevertheless, some students were not too surprised by the award as they saw the SBA’s plans come to fruition throughout the year,” says Robert Yamartino, UCONN’s ABA representative. “However, the entire law school community is extremely proud of the SBA’s accomplishment.”

Former SBA President Yamuna Menon nominated UCONN for the award just before the nomination deadline. Yamartino says Menon remained on the fence about nominating UCONN Law but decided the SBA was indeed worthy of the award.

Yamartino says the SBA accomplished a lot during the 2010–11 academic year with several highlights.

The first of those highlights was Diversity Week. The inaugural event included a roundtable discussion, a luncheon with the GLAAD president, and a closing reception with Professor Derrick Bell serving as keynote speaker.

The SBA also participated in the Public Interest Law Group Auction. Held on campus, the auction attracted local public interest practitioners and residents of Hartford. In addition to co-funding the auction, the SBA contributed two $4,000 fellowships to fund students doing public interest work over the summer.

The SBA commemorated its 50th anniversary with a reception attended by former SBA members and by creating a scholarship in the SBA’s name through donations of past members.

To increase communication efforts, the SBA revamped their page on the school’s website and, for the first time, the SBA president sent out fall and spring semester reports to document SBA activities for the student body.

“The SBA is looking to continue with what they’re doing and move forward,” Yamartino says. “The SBA is always looking to do more, and we are looking to the new 1Ls for new ideas.”

“Nevertheless, it will be really hard to top last year.”

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