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Until We Meet Again


By Adena Leibman

Adena Leibman, Chair, ABA Law Student Division

It’s difficult for me to believe that it’s already time for my last Officially Speaking column as chair of the ABA Law Student Division. I hope you know how proud I am to carry that title and that I have cherished and honored every moment that I have spent working for the Division.

I became active in the ABA during my first weeks of law school. I joined at orientation and became a 12th Circuit lieutenant governor shortly thereafter. I was immediately hooked; I loved the people I was meeting, the opportunities that the Division offered, and the experience of being a part of the ABA.

I became the 12th Circuit Governor the following year and took hold of the chair’s gavel last August. My final act as chair will be to lead the Division Assembly, composed of ABA representatives and SBA presidents, at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco this August. Though I anxiously look forward to the Assembly and meeting all of you in person, I hope you can understand how the experience will also be quite bittersweet.

It is difficult for me to imagine life without the Law Student Division; the ABA has been such a tremendous defining force in my law school experience. I know the ABA has left its mark on me, but I also hope that I, and our other board members, have been able to leave a mark on it as well.

We’ve worked diligently this year to improve the Division and enhance the value and experiences that we provide our members. We have taken a hard look at many aspects of the Division’s internal structure and function and have taken steps to enhance our communication and make us more efficient and productive. In particular, our liaison program has been a special focus of mine, and I am confident that our efforts will make the experience more rewarding for both the entity and our members. The Division has also made mental health and substance abuse issues a central concern, hosting panels and discussions at our circuit meetings, providing additional resources to students, and building a network of collaborators.

The list of efforts could continue, but even with these accomplishments, the job still isn’t done. And I’m not planning on stopping until the final strike of the gavel at the Assembly.

I hope it’s obvious by now that the ABA Law Student Division is my passion. I hope all of you have found something to be passionate about––something that gets you up in the morning and keeps you up at night. If not, keep looking.

Best wishes on your future and to my fellow graduates, see you in the YLD.

Vol. 41 No. 9

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