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New Division Delegates Discuss Priorities for Term


By Iris Gutiérrez Berríos

Iris Gutiérrez Berríos, a 3L at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, is the Law Student Division’s Seventh Circuit lieutenant governor of communications.

The ABA Law Student Division recently announced the election of three new Division delegates at the ABA Annual Meeting in Boston. The delegates are responsible for voicing the Division’s interests and concerns to the ABA House of Delegates, the ABA’s main policy-making body. New Division delegates Lara Marie B. Edmonds, Ryan Meyerhoff, and Bennett E. Resnik are passionate about upholding their duty to represent the interests of law students across the country.

Resnik, a 3L at Vermont Law School, is eager to tackle some of the most common issues facing law students, like rising tuition, debt, employment, third-year instruction, and professional development. In order to best serve law students nationwide, Resnik has crafted what he calls the “Better If Campaign.” According to Resnik, the “‘Better If Campaign’ will use an online platform as a digital suggestion box, providing [law students] a strong forum to present thoughts and suggestions.”

Edmonds, a 2L at University of Connecticut School of Law, is currently pursuing a joint JD and master’s in social work. Her background in education and public service empowers her to work on the policy component of her role as Division delegate. As student advocate in the House of Delegates, she aspires to have a long-term impact on the Division’s policies. Her focus is centered on networking as she seeks “to help ABA law student members find their niche within the ABA.” She aims to increase student membership in the Division “to maximize [law students’] ABA experience, to provide perspective, to offer continuity for the future, and to train the next generation of legal leaders.” Currently, she intends to identify and promote networking, mentoring, and learning opportunities for students and assist them in taking advantage of the opportunities the ABA offers.

Similarly, Meyerhoff, a 3L at the University of California, Davis, School of Law, hopes to increase student membership in the ABA by developing a mentoring program. “Much of the groundwork was laid by former delegate Joseph Zeidner,” Meyerhoff said. Primarily, the program would involve a liaison between ABA entities, mainly the Young Lawyers Division and the Law Student Division. Through this partnership, Meyerhoff’s goal is to attract mentors and mentees alike. The process would pair the two, largely through a program where attorneys and students would be matched based on their interests, location, and practice area.

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