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Welcome to the new ABA for Law Students

Welcome to the new ABA for Law Students

Fellow law students, legal career job-hunters, and aspiring attorneys,

I’d like to welcome you to our new ABA Law Student Division website and our Student Lawyer blog. Here you’ll find useful tools like a leads on jobs and internships, free and quality Quimbee study aids, and practical advice featured in various blog posts and new podcast episodes.

As our division’s chair, I hope you find this modern and state-of-the-art website site to be a trusty companion as you pursue your law degree, prepare to take the bar exam, and transition to a meaningful legal career.

I am proud to be at the helm of our division’s board of governors as we launch this new and improved platform to share, highlight, advocate, and represent the 115,000 law students in ABA accredited law schools across our country.

I not only invite you to enjoy and experience our blog and all the benefits our website has to offer, but I also welcome you to be featured on our website. Write a 500 to 1,000 word blog post for the site. Offer to write a column or article for our Student Lawyer magazine. Subscribe, rate, and review our national podcast on iTunes and Android podcast apps such as Soundcloud or Stitcher. Check out what webcasts, receptions, or ABA events are happening near your school or hometown. Join five ABA practice groups for free. Run for office and join our ABA Board Governors leadership team.

I am proud to be at the helm of our division’s board of governors as we launch this new and improved platform …

Having the will and courage to engage with the ABA Law Student Division is how I was able to become the chair of our division. But for me, this opportunity came after attending the 2014 annual meeting in Boston, driving to two regional circuit meetings in Georgia and Florida, and flying to Nevada for an election. That has all changed now, and for the better. With this new, navigable, and up-to-date website, you don’t have to wait to travel to big national or regional meetings anymore. You can become an active member of the ABA with the click of a button and for free! (This was also not the case when I first joined the ABA, one of the largest professional organization in the world with over 400,000 members.)

On this site, you won’t only have the opportunity to be published and grow your professional capital. You will also raise high the banner and profile of your school, your school’s Student Bar Association, your legal employer, and the various groups you represent.

Join the conversation, join the ABA, and join a powerful network that will follow you the rest of your professional career.

As part of our family, I welcome you to our new home on the web and feel free to come back and stay as long as you’d like.

Fabiani Duarte Fabiani Duarte is the 2015-2016 Chair of the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division and is a recent graduate of Mercer University’s School of Law. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry and a career with the Air Force JAG Corps. Prior to his current ambitions, Fabiani attended Vanderbilt University, where he created a major that combined communication studies, political science, Spanish, French, and Italian. He has also worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA member where he helped veterans find jobs, receive counseling, and obtain VA benefits.