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Student Lawyer magazine: September/October 2016

Student Lawyer Magazine September October 2016

In the September/October 2016 of Student Lawyer, we look at the look of the Modern Lawyer – do you have to change your personal style to get hired? We’ll also tell you how easy it is to not get hired, introduce you to five rock start student networkers, and bring you up to speed on what happened at the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Must you conform to get a job?
Times are changing, but whether you can showcase your personality with your dress, tattoos, piercings, and other ways to express yourself is still a judgment call.

What not to doJob hunting: What not to do
Ask any hiring partner, legal recruiter, or human resources professional in the field, and they’ll likely be able to come up with at least a couple of anecdotes of epic blunders that have doomed many new associates. While every year a crop of newly minted lawyers hits the open market, the professionals who are in charge of making the hiring decisions can easily identify the patterns of common mistakes that wind up tanking the chances of the unprepared.

NetworkingHow 5 students rocked their networking skills
Networking. It’s a single word that can strike fear into the hearts of law students. From the moment you step onto campus as a first-year student, networking is championed by career services, experts, and scores of experienced lawyers. Here, your fellow students across the country tell their stories of how they landed an interview or a job by just being themselves, being resourceful, and using fate to their advantage.

ABA PremiumThe Power of Premium Membership
Last year, the ABA Law Student Division made a significant change as membership became free for all law students for the first time. This year, we’re offering something even better— a chance to upgrade to Premium for only $25 a year to enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts.

Let’s get this academic year started
Student Editor Lynae Tucker says: “Greetings and welcome back to the school year from Student Lawyer magazine. Let me introduce myself: I’m the magazine’s new student editor, and I’m here to continue the legacy of providing relevant and accurate advice to help you survive law school with a little less work.”

Don’t believe the rumors about legal writing
If you’re a first year student, chances are you’ve already heard rumors about Legal Writing. Every year, news spreads among entering students that the first-year legal writing course is something to be survived, a necessary but dreaded part of your required curriculum. Here are the top three reasons you should ignore the naysayers and embrace your writing course from day one.

Members of the Law Student Division House of Delegates vote on resolutions at the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.3 things you missed if you weren’t at annual
If you weren’t there to take advantage of the learning, networking, and futurebuilding that happened at the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, here are just three things you missed.

5 ways to maximize your ABA membership
MIchael Dumas, immediate past vice chair of the ABA Law Student Division, offers his advice on leveraging the more than 60 different practice, interest, and specialty groups to your career’s advantage.

Lauryn CollierHead of the Class
Lauryn Collier ‘plans’ her way to success
Lauryn Collier is a planner. In 2014, the third-year student at The Florida State University College of Law in Tallahassee launched her own company, New Palm Creations. The firm aims to be the first-of-its-kind fully functioning event planning and program management agency that offers all its services for little to no cost to its clients.

Alan DershowitzI Wish I’d Known
Be wary of representing acquaintances
Alan M. Dershowitz says: “Although I learned a lot of theory from great professors, law school didn’t prepare me for the rough and tumble of practicing criminal law, particularly defending people accused of some of the most heinous crimes. One thing I didn’t learn, and wish I had, was how to deal with acquaintances or friends who ask for legal help.”

LSD tests new caucuses
Now that the Law Student Division has elected to alter its bylaws to cut the circuit governor structure and work more directly through the LSD Assembly, it’s a good time to reflect on the process and the division’s future. Our circuit structure previously divided the map into 15 circuits with equal population distribution of students.

Law School Nation
A quick roundup of upcoming events going on across the country.

Student Lawyer Student Lawyer magazine provides guidance on educational, career, and related issues for ABA Law Student Division members and other subscribers. It is published four times a year by the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association. Student Lawyer is available online to members of the ABA Law Student Division and to print subscribers.

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