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How ABA membership can help you prepare for the MPRE

MPRE Study

With the another round of MPRE exams coming up, I thought I’d share some thoughts about the exam.

First, some perspective on the MPRE.

I almost used “help you ace the MPRE” in the title. Then I remembered, it’s a pass/fail exam. One might consider anything above and beyond a passing score overkill.

And realize, I’ve known really promising law students who did not pass the MPRE their first try. This isn’t a huge deal (assuming, of course, you eventually retake it and pass). Employers will likely never know – or care – if someone failed the MPRE. You can possibly even find ways to take it multiple times without your classmates ever finding out, if you’re worried about shattering your reputation as a brilliant legal scholar.

So I get it. With the ultra-high stakes of law school grades, passing the bar, and getting a job, the MPRE can seem like just a minor annoyance.

Am I saying don’t study for the MPRE?

Of course not!

If taking the MPRE is a minor annoyance, failing it is a major annoyance. While you won’t get extra points for a higher score, and there probably aren’t a lot of long-term consequences for failing the first time, you surely have better things to do than to take this test twice.

If I had to guess, the reason most law students fail the MPRE is probably related to the previously referenced low stakes of this test: lack of preparation.

Studying efficiently and effectively is the key.

If you follow an MPRE review course like BARBRI’s and use the right resources and supplements, you’re probably going to pass. This is where an ABA Premium Upgrade comes in handy.

Premium law students have three great options resources that can help with MPRE prep.

1) FREE ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct eBook.Model Rules of Professional Conduct - Ebook

It’s literally what the MPRE is based on. Of course you need a copy, and of course you need to read the rules. If eBook isn’t your thing, you can grab a great discount on print through the ABA, probably cheaper than you bookstore. Just login with your ABA Premium Student account.

2) FREE Quimbee Legal Ethics Outline.

You know Quimbee makes wonderful online study aids. They also give this Legal Ethis outline away free for Premium members. Grab it for your Legal Ethics or Professional Responsibility class, and to supplement your MPRE studies.

3) The West Academic ABA Premium discount

The exclusive West Academic offer can save you 20% with free shipping from their web store. Which makes their Weekend MPRE resources an especially great deal.

These ABA Premium resources will put you on your way to “acing” (scoring one or two above a passing mark so you know you didn’t study more than you had to for) the MPRE.

Austin Groothuis Austin Groothuis, JD, MBA is the Director of the American Bar Association Early Career Strategy Group, overseeing the Law Student Division and Young Lawyers Division. He is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law with more than 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit management, marketing, technology, and legal education space.