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Our birthday present – getting ranked in the Blawg 100!

Blawg 100

It was a little more than a year ago that the ABA Law Student Division launched, and Before the Bar shared its first post with the law student community.  Now, we have our first badge of honor.

The ABA Journal has named our blog, a collection of tips for law students, prelaw students, and young lawyers mixed in with ideas on how to survive in the modern legal world, to its 10th annual Blawg 100 list!


To help honorees spread the word about their selection, the ABA Journal sent out a handy mad-lib-style press release where you can fill in the blanks along with this quote about the Blawg 100:

[Name of Blawg] is authored by [name of individual authors who contribute to the blawg.]

“For 10 years, the Blawg 100 has helped shine a light on the stunning breadth of legal topics and voices to found in the legal blogosphere,” Acting Editor-Publisher Molly McDonough said. “Journal editors have selected yet another stellar list of blogs. We hope you’ll find legal information sources in this list that are completely new to you and bookmark them for regular reading.”

So, for name of blog: Before the Bar.

Authored by:
Rahul Alim
Renee Nicole Allen
Steven Alvarado
Zelekha Amirzada
Hanna Anderson
Heather Asher
Josephine Bahn
Merri Bame
M. Joy Baxter
Dr. Katherine M. Bender
Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd LLP
Bobby Berriault
Caroline L. Bersak
Kate Bischoff
H. Allen Blair
Rebecca Borkowsky
Heather Bowen
Shauna C. Bryce
Daniel Buchanan
Bernadette M. Bulacan
Andrew Cabasso
Jasmine Carnegie
Geena Cesar
Chapman LLC
Jessica Childress
Jeena Cho
Leah Christensen
Catherine Christopher
Renwei Chung
Grover E. Cleveland
Alicia Cobb
Joel Cohen
Dan Cotter
Margaux Curcuru
Brad Desnoyer
Judge Stephen Dillard
Fred Dingledy
Brittany Dingman
Paige Donahue
Fabiani Duarte
Stephanie Dube Dwilson
Aren Dumars
Michael Dumas
Rebecca Eubank
Jaimie B. Field
Natasha Gálvez
Rachel Gezerseh
Aura Gilham
Nathaniel Glynn
Jennie Goldsmith Rothman
Zachary Gooding
Lindsay Griffiths
Lauren Groetch
Adam Halper
Neil Hamilton
Latonia Haney Keith
Lauren Hanley-Brady
Janice Hollman
Marsha Hunter
Jason Hyatt
Wendy Hyland
Tony Iliakostas
Seema Iyer
Christopher Jennison
Elisabeth Johnson
Bill Johnston
Mary Juetten
Joanna Karbel
Katzman, Lampert, and McClune Aviation Lawyers
Loranda Kenyon
Thomas Koenig
Melissa Kucinski
Malcolm Kushner
Jenna Le
Sofia Lingos
John Louros
Daniel Lukasik
Rielly Lund
Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics
Crystal Marsh
Lisa Martinez
Abraham Matsui
Andrew J. McClurg
Carly McKeeman
David P. Meyer
Military Spouse J.D. Network
Adam S. Minsky
Jackie Monroe
Chris Morgan
Ms. JD
Karen Munoz
Naggiar & Sarif
Morgan Nelson
Jacqueline Newman
Chris Nikitas
Claire Ocana
Sarah Patarino
Sheevani Patel
Tricia Petek
Alysa Pfeiffer-Austin
Thea Pitzen
Power Legal
Nicole Raebel
Ivan Rasic
Sean Reilly
Ilina Rejeva
Kimberly Rice
Ashley Ritchie
Lauren Ritter
Sandra Rodgers
Scott Rogers
Maxwell D. Rosenthal
Andrew Rossow
Michael L. Rustad
Vanessa Ryan
Dustin Sanchez
Marie Sarantakis
Joan Schaffner
Kinteshia Scott
Alena Shautsova
Sara Sheikh
Ernesto Sigmon
Eric D. Smith
Aaron Sohaski
Sheila Spence
Art Steele
Andrew Strauss
Tom Susman
Kelly Swan Taylor
Steven Sweat
Christina Taber-Kewene
Walid Tamari
Gabe Teninbaum
Raymond Tran
Greg Tsioros
Lynae Tucker
Jessica Vasil
Jordan Wada
Helen Wan
Patricia Ward
John Weber
Michael West
Greg Wildman
Keith Williams
Kendall Williams
Laura Wilson
Natalie Wilson
Fanny Wong
Allison Wood
Scott Woody
Amanda Ziemann

Along with:
ABA Center for Professional Responsibility
ABA Law Student Division
ABA Legal Career Central
ABA Standing Committee on Election Law
Austin Groothuis
Adam Music

Thanks to all of you who have made our first year a success.

Thank You

We’d love to add more names this year. If you’d like to write for us, follow the guidelines.

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