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Military lawyers discuss legal challenges of cyber threats


The ABA’s Standing Committee on Armed Forces Law (SCAFL), together with George Washington University Law School’s Military Law Society, National Security Law Association, and Cyberlaw Students Association, sponsored a cybersecurity law panel on September 21. The panel brought together lead military attorneys responsible for handling cybersecurity law issues for the Judge Advocate General’s Corps offices of each service.

The panel included Lieutenant Colonel Sanger of the United States Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Stricker of the United States Army, Commander Peter P. Pasucci of the United States Navy, Major Jarrod H. Stuard of the United States Air Force, and Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Weiss of the Coast Guard. George Washington Law School Adjunct Professor Paul Rosenzweig, who teaches Cybersecurity Law & Policy, moderated the panel.

Michele Pearce, the chair of SCAFL and currently serving as a Department of Defense Associate Deputy General Counsel, Office of the Deputy General Counsel (Personnel & Health Policy), opened the panel with brief comments.

The discussion began with Professor Rosenzweig asking the panelists about the biggest challenges currently facing them in the cyber security community. The panelists varied in their responses, but all agreed that rapid changes in technology and internet access are creating serious difficulties in ensuring that current policies are able to address changeable and very real cyber threats. Professor Rosenzweig continued the discussion by presenting several hypotheticals for the panel, posing the question of when, if ever, a cyber mechanism can be treated as a weapon.

At the end of the panel, attendant students had the chance to ask the panel a few questions. Students asked questions about FBI cases that have been in the news recently, and how evidence is processed in evaluating cyber threats, particularly in regard to cyber-attacks on the private sector. The event closed with panelists offering advice on pursuing a career in cybersecurity law.

Nathaniel Glynn Nathaniel Glynn is a 2L at Georgetown University Law Center, focusing his studies on national security, government contracts, and environmental law. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 with a B.A. in Political Science and Peace, War, & Defense, and a minor in French.