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You get some great opportunities as a law student locally. But joining the ABA Law Student Division council will raise your profile to a national scale.

The Law Student Division is accepting applications for our council through Jan. 15. Our council takes the lead in advocating for the needs of law students and shapes policy in legal education and bar admission on a national scale. Some issues that have advanced with the help of our division include increased adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam, the repeal of the pay/credit ban, and changes to accreditation standards for law schools.

We’ve changed our leadership structure around, so let’s introduce you to the positions available:


The Chair is the chief executive student leader of the Law Student Division and its Council. You’ll lead a team of students from across the U.S. and be involved in everything from guiding high-level goals and priorities for the Division to setting agendas for Council meetings. This is a challenging position, but it offers remarkable leadership training in the ABA. And you’ll get to interact with key leaders in the legal community throughout the country.

Education Director

If you are passionate about higher education and interested legal ed reforms, Education Director may be the most influential position a law student can hold. The Law Student Division Education Director, a newly created position for 2017, serves a uniquely critical dual role:

  1. Law Student Division Council member, and
  2. The only voting law student member of the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the accreditor of US law schools.

Here, you represent the single voice for law students on the official law school accrediting body. You will need to keep the Law Student Division leadership informed of upcoming legal education issues and discussions, and develop potential advocacy positions for the Division that could benefit law students.

Law Student Division Member of the ABA Board of Governors

The Law Student At-Large of the ABA’s Board of Governors is one of the ABA’s most prestigious and unique leadership opportunities for law students. This person’s duties are threefold:

  1. They are a member of the ABA Board of Governors.
  2. A member of the ABA House of Delegates.
  3. And a member of the Law Student Division Council.

The 38-member ABA Board of Governors oversees the general operations and strategic direction of the entire ABA. Of those 38 members, many wait years for the opportunity to serve on the Board, yet only one is a law student.

Our Law Student At-Large is a critical and visible role in the ABA. You represent the Law Student Division positions to the ABA Board of Governors and work for adoption of initiatives supported by the Division. Not only do you have a vote in the ABA Board of Governors, but you have a vote in the ABA House of Delegates.

Nominating Committee

Now, students can help decide who will lead this Division into the future. As a member of the Nominating Committee you review and interview law student applicants for all Division Council positions. You’ll identify qualified candidates, and place them before the full voting body who selects the winner.

Nominating Committee appointments are open to ABA Reps and SBA Presidents only. The Nominating Committee is comprised of 3 SBA Presidents, 3 ABA Representatives along with the both the Current and Immediate Past Chairs of the Law Student Division, and the Immediate Past Law Student Division Member of the ABA Board of Governors.

Student Editor

The Student Editor, along with the staff editor, consulting managing editor, and the Division’s Operations and Publications Committee, is responsible for editorial oversight of the Division’s publications and communications, including Student Lawyer blog and its flagship magazine, Student Lawyer. Through our publications, you get to address the issues facing law students – student debt, diversity in the profession, practice areas, and getting a job.

You can click each header for more information or visit the Law Student Division council page. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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