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National Security

Don’t let the words “Top Secret” scare you away from your future profession! There are a lot of different career paths in the public sector universe, but anyone looking at a national security job or internship has probably run across the concept of a security clearance. It’s the official government stamp of approval to work with sensitive information.

If you’re trying to work in the security world you’ll have to be able to snag one of these in order to advance your career. Depending on what your dream job is, you may need one just to get your foot in the door. Don’t assume that staying away from government and military jobs is the answer, because a lot of government contractors need to have these clearances as well.

Unfortunately, while clearances are necessary, they don’t come easily. If you’re going to work with national secrets, you have to prove that you’re trustworthy. As a result, getting your security clearance is a long and confusing process with a lot of detailed questions, serious paperwork and official interviews. It can be exhausting and scary to go through it without any idea of what is actually going to happen. Don’t panic! The ABA can help guide you through it.

The ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security is partnering with Mark Zaid to offer a sneak peek at the clearance process. Have your questions answered and your fears dispelled by Mr. Zaid, a national security practitioner who has taught classes on defending and reapplying for a security clearance with the DC Bar. His expertise will help you to arm yourself with key information and a greater awareness of what to do and what to avoid while applying for clearance.

Let the ABA help you get the best chance of obtaining a clearance. Join the Standing Committee on Law and National Security for pizza and insider tips on Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the ABA office in downtown DC. This event is free, but please email us your name so that we know you’re coming. RSVP to Nicole.cacozza@americanb….

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