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Depression: Laughing at (and with) your enemy


Some days, you win the fight with depression. Some days, you lose.

It’s a lesson many law students and attorneys have learned and live with daily. I’ve never been either, and it’s one I deal with daily. And traditionally, humor has been my coping mechanism of choice.

A few weeks ago, Chris Grady, the man behind the Lunarbaboon webcomic, penned a few panels that I thought would be perfect to share with you on this, the Law Student Division’s Mental Health Day.

Grady’s comics are slices of life about his Toronto family. There are a lot of Star Wars jokes and surreal flights of fantasy that often resemble my own family.

He’s also delved into the human condition in panels about dealing with unhappiness or realizing we’re not so alone. But this particular one is a good representation many of us can empathize with:


Keep fighting – and sometimes laughing with – that voice on your shoulder, Law School Nation. Even in those moments when the mistakes really stand out.

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Adam Music Adam Music is the web editor of Before the Blog. After 20-plus years in the online side of print journalism, he joined the ABA in July 2015. His experience includes stints at the Chicago Sun-Times,, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.