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The Philip R. Shawe Scholarship Competition would like to present to all accredited nationwide law schools a unique and exciting opportunity for any second- or third-year law student. The top three finalists will be awarded scholarships totaling $100,000!

The Philip R. Shawe Scholarship Competition is a writing and oratorical contest focusing on a controversial corporate law case brought before the State of Delaware Chancery Court and recently affirmed by the Delaware Supreme Court involving TransPerfect Global and its co-CEOs, Phil Shawe and Elizabeth Elting. The competition, open to all second- and third-year law school students, focuses on the TransPerfect case, (In re:  TransPerfect Global, Inc., Civil Action No. 9700-CB and Elizabeth Elting v. Philip R. Shawe, et al. Civil Action No. 10449-CB) in which the Delaware Chancery Court, to create a non-negotiated exit strategy for one of the company shareholders, ordered the forced sale of the entire company against the will of the other two shareholders.

Contestants will write briefs on the U.S. constitutional implications (due process and takings clauses) of the Delaware courts’ powers to adopt a forced sale remedy when shareholders of a highly profitable privately-held corporation are deadlocked. The contestants will be asked to write an argument to be heard by the United States Supreme Court reversing a decision by the Delaware Supreme Court, which affirmed the decision by the Delaware Chancery Court.

The competition’s top three finalists will deliver their arguments in a short speech to a panel of judges: Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparik, Senior Associate Judge, New York State Court of Appeals (Retired); Justice Melvin Schweitzer, New York Supreme Court (Retired); Professor Alan Dershowitz; and Joseph D. Hansen, Director of Interns, Justice Schweitzer, New York Supreme Court (Retired).

The finalists will then engage in oral argument, and the top three winners will be selected.

Briefs of individual students/teams are due by April 20.

Further information about contest rules and regulations can be found on our website: or on Facebook.

Philip R. Shawe Philip R. Shawe is the co-CEO of TransPerfect translation company, the largest privately held translation company in the world, with nearly 4000 employees and 100 offices globally. Mr. Shawe has been involved in a lawsuit with his co-founder Elizabeth Elting, who is seeking to force a sale of the entire company as a remedy to her complaints. Mr. Shawe built the company from his dorm room in 1992, and has been the key innovator, the day to day manager and motivation for the company’s rise to success.