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What are the parameters of ‘practice’ if you’re not yet a lawyer?

Ethics Series

Law students often receive their first practical experience in the practice of law as a law student employee of a law firm. This can be a great experience for law students, but a law student is not a lawyer and what the law student is allowed to do is limited.

Our latest Ethics Series webinar is here to help. The panelists for “Parameters of ‘Practice’ for Law Students and Not Yet Licensed Law School Graduates” define what lawyers-to-be can and can’t do and provide practical tips on how to handle the partner or supervising lawyer when the law student is asked to go too far.

Panelists for the webinar are Ghunise L. Coaxum, bar counsel, Unlicensed Practice of Law Department of The Florida Bar; and Selina S. Thomas, Senior Counsel, Client Protection for the ABA’s Center for Professional Responsibility.

The moderator is Meredith Parnell, a student at Harvard Law School.

The presentation slides can be downloaded in this PDF. You can also find out more about ethics for law students and non-licensed graduates in these opinions.

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