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Why blogging is a great learning tool for law students


Before I say anything else, I first want to make it clear that starting a brand new law blog is a difficult job. This is why there are very few people running one and why a lot of people don’t dare to take this step. However, there is a process that can lead you to a successful path – but first you must learn a lot about being a blogger, gathering experience, and improving skills before you can start your own blog.

If you put a lot of effort into it and take the whole thing seriously, it can be done. First of all, a blog is also like a business and there are a lot of obligations and things you need to work on. However, it also has unique challenges that must be taken into account and handled properly.

Here are some of the most essential things you need to understand and pay attention to, if you are even serious about opening a blog as a law student and how it can help you on your career path.

I will not talk about technical aspects of building a blog, but the simplest way is to find a good website builder and set up a blog of your own in no time.

Researching and sharing your knowledge

Reading blog posts and writing them allows you to share what you know and find additional information that can further consolidate your knowledge into a coherent whole. As a student, it’s essential that you learn how to do research and how to present the knowledge you possess, and blogging gives you the option to do both.

Like I mentioned earlier, blogging is not only about writing new blog posts, but it’s also about reading what other people have to say and learning from them as well. Before you can start writing and posting new articles consistently, you will have to do some research on your chosen topic and come up with new interesting conclusions of your own and make points that nobody has yet made.

Using social media is one of the easiest ways of sharing your blog posts and your thoughts. If you hit the right audience, you might attract a lot of people to your articles and spark discussions.

Building your professional personal brand

Personal branding means building an image and a name around your career, work, and profession while keeping yourself as an individual at the forefront. Through your blog posts, you can establish yourself as a professional in your field – not only by posting new stuff on a regular basis, but also by getting involved in discussions on your posts and on other people’s posts.

This is how you can show what you know and gain credibility as a lawyer while expressing your knowledge on different topics and cases. Show all of your qualities and make your goals clear, while at the same time being realistic and avoiding getting into subjects you are not proficient or experienced in.

Consolidating and revising your knowledge

Blogging helps you consolidate your knowledge and revise all the important information you have learned. When you write about something you know, you will remind yourself of other things and make your knowledge even more solid than it was before. It really doesn’t matter if you never achieve fame through your blog and attract a lot of readers.

You might think that this is then a pure waste of time, but it really isn’t. In fact, for each of the blog posts you research, write, proofread, edit, and publish, you learn new things and sharpen your skills, which can help you in your career.

One of the most obvious examples that can show you just how valuable blogging can be is that you will be better prepared for writing essays, papers, statements etc. You will also be able to work on your language skills and terminology, which are very important for future lawyers to know.

Through writing, you will subconsciously adopt important expressions that will help you improve your diction and rhetorical skills, are valuable skills for all attorneys.

Learning how to connect with important people in your field

Your worries don’t stop once you’ve finished college and gotten your degree. In fact, a lot of new problems will start emerging once you’ve finished college. The biggest problem you will have to face is how to find your first job. It’s difficult to find a job as a fresh lawyer straight out of college, and soon you will realize that you need valuable connections to get hired.

Blogging allows you to do this ahead of time and be prepared to establish connections or make valuable contacts during your education. You can invite potential employers or some recruiters to learn about who you are what you do. Make sure that you work on your “about me” column and adjust it over time when you’ve acquired more skills and improved your writing.

These are the most important things you will learn by blogging while studying law. It doesn’t have to be a full-time job, just make sure that you prioritize your education and learning before everything else and focus on your blogging when you have the time and some interesting ideas.