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Leadership: An opportunity you don’t want to miss out on

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You’ve got a little over a week now to apply for one of our four leadership positions on the ABA Law Student Division Council. And while the council will have a different look for 2017-2018, the opportunities to network and guide the future for law students remain the same.

The four positions are:

The three delegates have slightly different duties this year in terms of overseeing specific aspects of the division. But the delegates are three of the most important and prestigious positions a law student can hold in the ABA, interacting closely with high-ranking officials, lobbying, and participating in the ABA House of Delegates at ABA Annual and Midyear meetings – plus you’ll be reimbursed for your travel for these events. They represent the interests of the Law Student Division to the ABA as a whole.

“If you’re interested in providing opportunities for law students and making a difference, you should seek to become a delegate,” wrote 2015-2016 delegate Andrew Rhoden, who graduated from American University Washington College of Law earlier this month. “It’s not a position for which you’ll receive a lot of glory or credit. But you’ll get great personal satisfaction.”

Rhoden and his fellow delegate, Zac Berkstresser, talked about their roles in this video:

The deadline to apply is Sunday, June 4. Don’t wait until the last minute – you’ll need a signature from your dean to be advanced forward.

We are also looking to fill other leadership positions in the division:

  • Student Producer
  • Entity Liaisons (multiple opportunities)
  • Caucus Chairs (multiple opportunities)
    • Black Caucus
    • Hispanic Caucus
    • Golden Pacific Region Caucus
    • Midwest Region Caucus
    • Eastern Region Caucus
    • Women’s Caucus
    • Mental Health Caucus
    • Middle Eastern South East Asian Caucus
    • Nontraditional Student Caucus

All of the law students who are eventually placed into these roles will have a critical say in the future of legal education. So get your name in – then register for the ABA Annual Meeting in New York in August – and make a difference in the ABA.

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