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New UBE news from the Old North State: North Carolina is in!

Uniform Bar Exam

North Carolina’s state motto is esse quam videri – or, “to be, rather than to seem.” We bring you this Latin phrase, which is used by many an institution, to admit that when we posted last week about Maryland’s adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam, we seem to have missed another new adoptee.

Yes, the Tar Heel State may be First in Flight, but it is now the 28th state that we’ve added to our #UBEWatch map. We’ve been waiting for an announcement, and it slipped in quietly on Nov. 17.

Please be advised that the Rules Governing the Admission to Practice Law in the State of North Carolina will change as of June 30, 2018. These new Rules provide for the adoption of the Uniform Bar Examination in North Carolina, and apply to all applications for admission filed in North Carolina on or after June 30, 2018.

We thank Facebook group member Amanda Buckingham, a student at UConn Law, for reminding us about North Carolina.

That leaves us with just a smattering of Atlantic coast states not on the UBE – just Rhode Island, Delaware, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.

And Rhode Island, what are you waiting for? You’re the lone holdout in New England and just one of two states completely surrounded by UBE neighbors (along with South Dakota).


We’re usually not into peer pressure. But c’mon, Ocean State. We’re waiting for you!

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