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Hi y’all! The southern region of the United States is a dynamic sector full of great sound, big hair, and incredible food. It is also home to some of the most talked about issues in law today. The ABA Law Student Division Southern Caucus’s goal is to address these issues from the law student perspective, focusing mainly on access to justice issues including the lack of attorney and intern resources in several rural areas and the retention rates of keeping these attorneys and law clerks in those areas post-law school.

Additionally, we want to advance the use of technology in the courts and encourage UBE expansion, all to promote better access to the courts by more communities. Finally, our overarching goal will be to usher in positive representation on important issues and causes relevant to Southern states such as poverty, prejudices, and access to the legal system, all while working with other ABA LSD caucuses to create solutions that benefit all.

To accomplish these goals, we need help from all law schools in the Southern region. Check out our community page here and join in the discussion. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact Southern Caucus Chair Amy Pirtle at

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