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Law schools discuss gun violence

Hand guns for sale on a table at a gun show in Wisconsin in 2016.

Law schools around the nation are stepping up the conversation about gun laws and regulations.

Who: UC Berkeley Law

What: The Gun Violence in America series. Berkeley is and has been hosting various events that bring the nation’s foremost gun experts to discuss lessening gun violence in the U.S. Prior events that were aimed at addressing the gun violence epidemic in the U.S.

When: Ongoing

Why: To shed light on gun violence and to help address ways to fix it. There have been panels that address many aspects of gun violence, from urban gun violence to gun laws under the Trump Administration.

Who: The Harvard School of Public Health

What: Roundtable Discussion on Diverse Perspectives on Gun Violence and Policy. The school organized the event, which included a variety of speakers, including: Professor Ron Sullivan, Professor of Law at Harvard and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute; Nancy Rihan-Porter, Coordinator of the Injury and Violence Prevention Program at the Cambridge Public Health Department; and David Hemenway, Director of Harvard Injury Control Research Center, Professor of Health Policy at Harvard.

When: November 14, 2017

Why: To start a discussion about the intersections of firearms, criminal justice, and gun policy, and what people can do in their communities to prevent gun violence.

Who: Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law 3L students Kwambina Coker, Breck Story and Meagan Sunn

What: Hot Topics Roundtable Luncheon on Gun Control

When: November 15, 2017

Why: In light of recent mass shootings, 3L students organized a roundtable discussion focused on gun control to explore what they can do, as future lawyers, to deal with the challenging issues surrounding gun regulation and the Second Amendment in modern-day America.

–Andrew Barondess and Samantha Lowe, FSU College of Law

Dayna Maeder and Rick Adams Dayna Maeder is a 1L student at Florida State University College of Law. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida where she studied English and mass communications, and went on to earn her Master’s in Education. Dayna is a former journalist who edited and wrote articles for Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune and other major newspapers and magazines throughout the nation. Rick Adams is a 3L at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and a member of the Law Student Division Editorial Board. He currently works as a law clerk at the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Jefferson County, Ky. Rick is the Executive Editor of the University of Louisville Law Review.