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Student Lawyer: How to deal with law school stress


This issue of Student Lawyer is dedicated to the idea of wellness—the proper balance of mental, physical, and emotional health. In this issue of Student Lawyer, we’ll tell you how you can evaluate your stress level and get help you may need, get access to strategies and tools to help deal with the pressure of law school, and help you take the first steps toward staying healthy.

Student Lawyer Spring 2018 Cover


You’re right: Law school stress is different
TechnologyProspective law students are similar to other Americans before their first day of school, but then the incidence of depression, anxiety, and alcohol or drug-related impairment skyrockets after they cross the threshold into law school.

Two deans answer the law school wellness questions they hear the most
TechnologyAs deans of students with a long history of working on wellness initiatives, David B. Jaffe and Janet E. Stearns are here to share some advice on the resources and strategies available to you in this current era—and urge you to speak up and reach out.

Why I walk: Staying healthy both mentally and physically
TechnologyI’d always been a voracious reader, plowing through volumes of both literature and non-fiction—even during the three intensive years I spent in law school. Being a person who walks far was a different story.

14 apps that can help you improve your well-being
TechnologyWe lawyers can be externally focused, constantly worrying and thinking about our clients and their cases and neglecting our own well-being. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to care for your well-being thanks to apps and other online programs.

Wellness: A truly worthy law school goal
TechnologyHow many times has law school brought back self-doubts you believed you’d conquered? How much sleep and how many joys have you sacrificed to keep studying? Or how many times have you pushed yourself to have too much fun to kill that stress, if only for a night?

I Wish I’d Known
Leah Litman: The law hasn’t yet achieved parity
TechnologyParity between men and women in the legal profession is an aspiration. It’s not reality, at least not yet. I wish I’d have understood that in law school because hearing that there’s parity when there’s none can be maddening.

Advice from the Inside
Go ahead and Google–then do a subject-based search
TechnologyWe all love to Google. But there’s another way to search called subject- based searching, which can, and should, be a companion to your full-text searching. Here are five ways to use this necessary companion to Google-like searching and be more confident that you’ve scoured the research landscape.

Head of the Class
Law school offers classical singer a chance to give performers more legal leverage
TechnologyLaw schools attract a diverse group, but Christian Ketter stands out. Ketter is a 3L at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, a Chicagoland native and the son of a lawyer. He is also a professionally trained classical singer and pianist.

Division Dialogue

What LSD leaders have been working on behind the scenes
TechnologyThe Law Student Division’s national leaders have been busy pursuing concrete issues that will improve the lives of law students today and in the future.

Law School Nation: March 2018
TechnologyNews from law schools across the country including a legal incubator program, the business of recreational marijuana, Standing Rock Legal Connect, and a scholarship offer.


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