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Join the e-discovery experts in Chicago with the 2018 Relativity Fest Student Scholarship

Relativity Fest
Andrew Sieja gives the Relativity Fest 2017 keynote presentation.

Relativity Fest, the e-discovery industry’s largest user conference, will take place Sept. 30 though Oct. 3 in Chicago – and Relativity wants to invite 10 tech-savvy law or paralegal students to join the fun.

The Relativity Fest Student Scholarship is offered as part of the Relativity Academic Partners Program, an educational initiative that provides law schools and paralegal programs with free access to hands-on training in Relativity and helps prepare students for the future of litigation and investigations.

The scholarship covers transportation, lodging, meals and event registration leaving recipients free to focus on their experience at the conference and pursuing opportunities to prepare for their careers.

What’s in store for recipients?

Relativity Fest is an outstanding place to meet with current legal professionals and engage on issues affecting the e-discovery industry. According to 2017 scholarship recipient Sara Blackthorne, it also provided a chance to see some of the newest technology in e-discovery on display.

“While attending I met new friends, learned about a variety of service providers, and found a whole world of e-discovery tools and practices I wouldn’t have discovered at the rate and scale I found at Relativity Fest,” said Blackthorne, a student from the Portland Community College paralegal studies program and paralegal at Scanlon Sharp LLP.

For some, Relativity Fest was also a prime place to get hands on with the Relativity platform and refine legal technology skills, for instance in labs or through certification exams.

“Thanks to my participation in the 2017 Relativity Fest, I was able to share and teach all the wonderful tricks of the trade I learned with the attorneys and support staff I work with,” said Irving Valdovinos, who represented Santa Ana College at Relativity Fest ’17. “The knowledge, understanding and skills I gained helped me become a vital asset to at Callahan & Blaine.”

In addition to practical tips, Relativity Fest has been an important resume bullet, Valdovinos said. He plans to pursue study in law school and found new doors in the e-discovery field open thanks to things he learned at the conference.

Beyond getting hands on experience or networking, Relativity Fest offers students an end-to-end look at a growing e-discovery industry. Christopher Wells, now a Practice Support Analyst at Practice Aligned Resources, attended the 2017 conference representing UCLA Extension.

“I met so many incredible people there and was taken aback by how the legal industry is just beginning to scratch the surface of incorporating technology to better serve its clients,” Wells said. “Seeing this firsthand made me realize how significant the work that practice support people, like myself, do every day really is.”

How to apply

Undergraduate and graduate students from law schools and paralegal programs approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) are eligible to apply for the scholarship by June 15. The scholarship is open to anyone who is 21 years of age by September 30, 2018.

To be considered for the scholarship, potential applicants should send their name, school and expected graduation date to along with answers to two questions:

  • Why do you think e-discovery is important?
  • In your opinion, what will e-discovery look like in 2025?

The legal tech community and the Relativity team are waiting to hear what today’s law students have to say about technology and e-discovery. Come join us at Relativity Fest this fall and let us know what’s on your mind.

Janice Hollman Janice is the Academic Relationship Manager for Relativity who is focused on helping law schools and paralegal programs integrate Relativity into their course offerings. She also teaches legal software, e-discovery, and advanced litigation courses at Portland Community College. If you are interested in the Relativity Academic Partner program, send an email to