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The 2018 Law Student Gift Guide

Law Student Gift Guide

Oh, it is beginning to look like Christmas as the holidays are slowly sneaking up on us. Many people like myself are excited for big family gatherings–and possibly gift giving! With this in mind, I hope this article will bring you ideas, joy, and holiday cheer for your list.

This is the third Law Student Gift Guide that Student Lawyer has produced. There’s a lot of good stuff from the 2017 and 2016 lists that still work as gifts. But I have made it my mission to uncover the most coveted gifts for students, and here are top student choices to help you with your store-to-store running around.


Sweet relief

Top on the list for students strung out on coffee and adrenaline is self-care or some relaxation time. My advice would be to first remember that every law student relaxes in different ways. And to ensure your gift brings them joy, do a little research into what relaxes them. Some starter ideas include:

  • A 60-minute massage;
  • Movie tickets (and your student’s favorite candy);
  • A manicure and/or a pedicure.

Any option might help them chill out over the holidays.


Deck the holidays with technology

With all of the new innovative gadgets out there, your law students are sure to be filled with glee when receiving one of these items:

  • A new smartphone;
  • New laptop or tablet;
  • Wireless charging accessories or power banks;
  • New portable devices.

A great thing to keep in mind when determining if one of these exceptionally useful-but-expensive items will benefit your law student is to remember that they will be studying for the bar–and all of the items listed above can help make bar prep mobile (or just capture their favorite Instagrammable moments).


A real pain in the neck?

A fairly new item is called Upright. This unique gift can ensure your law student does not suffer from the consequences of poor posture. I mean, most of us tend to slouch and lean forward when partaking in regular activities. But imagine how much law students slouch and lean into books or computer screens. It’s common sense that bad posture can lead to neck and back pain. But today, there are tech items to help. So… fill those stockings or pretty holiday boxes with posture improving tech gear that will save your student a lot of pain–at least the physical kind.

Goat Yoga

‘F’ is for fa-la-la-la-la–and fashion

Fashion in law school can commonly be neglected since students have to spend the majority of their time studying. Help your student’s closet look rejuvenated by gifting them some functional and expressive pieces to get them out of that “study hibernation” look.

Remember, your law student may be at the top of their academic game. But as most of us know –  unfortunately – people do judge a book by its cover. So, tis the season for:

  • Suits (a law students most-wanted item);
  • A new briefcase or bag;
  • Statement shoes (classy with an edge).
Cats in Shoes

Jingle bells, bar prep smells, exam time’s on its way

Now, it’s true that law students would probably prefer to get something they really want as compared to need for a present. But law students go to law school to be attorneys. And before they can do that, they must pass the bar. Well, fear not – your law student will be sure to pass with help from a course from the ABA Bar Prep Program. Spring for the $25 so they can become Premium Law Student Members, and they’ll get discounts on QuimbeeThemis Bar Prep, and Kaplan Bar Review. And much like Mele Kalikimaka, it’s a wise way to share some holiday generosity.


You’ve made the list, now check it twice!

What have you really learned from this blog? One is that law students are overworked and tired, and any gift you get your student will be greatly appreciated. With that mind, I hope these gift ideas help to make shopping for you law student a little easier.

Just remember all they want for Christmas is their law school needs–we’re not lion!


Happy Holidays, and may this season be jolly and bright!

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Meryem Kahloon Meryem Kahloon is a 3L at Brandies School of Law, University of Louisville. She attended undergrad at the University of Louisville where she majored in political science. She has participated in many organizations that work toward benefiting refugees and immigrants. She has also enjoyed the opportunity she was afforded as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, community activities, and outdoor activities, striving to stay healthy and active through rock climbing and running.