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Student Lawyer: The Justice For All issue


On the heels of the 2018 midterm elections in the United States, Americans have demonstrated an ideological shift in the way previously-incarcerated individuals are treated, as well as a reevaluation of which activities constitute a crime. This issue of Student Lawyer examines how Americans are reevaluating what justice means in the context of criminal law and how law schools are taking the public interest path to applying the concept of “justice for all.”

January February 2019 Cover

Law students speak: Why I do public interest work
Public InterestNine students who’ve devoted part of their law school career to public interest opportunities explain why they chose the path they’ve taken, along with the most satisfying—and most challenging—aspects of their efforts.

Law students find a role: restorative justice
Restorative JusticeThe concept of bringing victim and offender together for dialogue – and possibles peace – is one more countries are adopting. Steadily, law students have become an integral part of this movement through their work in law school clinic programs springing up all over the country.

2019 Summer Study Abroad Guide
The World Is YoursOne of the most rewarding ways to spend your summer as a law student is a study abroad program. Here you’ll find our comprehensive directory of study abroad options for law students.

How the concept of justice is changing in criminal law
Voting RightsA number of factors have contributed to the current landscape of the criminal justice system in America. Law schools throughout the United States have recognized these challenges, though, and law students have been taking on the task of seeking to correct them.

The realities of the 2019 legal job search
NetworkingHow do today’s law students (yes,we’re talking about students like you) stack up when it comes to making smart job-search moves? Let’s take a look at a number of ways law students today are excelling in their job search efforts and an equal number of ways where many continue to fall short.

I Wish I’d Known: Shon Hopwood
The legal profession puts itself on an unsupportable pedestal
Shon HopwoodShon Hopwood, an associate professor at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., says state bars need to recognize the justice achieved in admitting applicants with negative pasts who have redeemed themselves.

Head of the Class
Arizona State’s Ekmark, seeking wins on and off the court
Courtney EkmarkThis Division 1 athlete is working to excel in both basketball and the law. How does Courtney Ekmark manage both the classroom and her efforts on the court?

Division Dialogue

More Law Student Division leaders you should know: The Editorial Board
Editorial BoardIn the past few issues, we introduced you to the leaders of the ABA Law Student Division Council, in addition to the LSD’s education director. The council also includes a board that’s led by an appointed editor-in-chief and comprises seven other law students, and they function as the

Editor’s Note
One by one, students achieve justice for all

JusticeDayna Maeder writes: Justice means different things to different people. And students nationwide are reshaping what it means for those who need it most.

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