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You should apply to our Law Student Editorial Board now—here’s why


We’re excited to announce that we’re taking applications for our second Editorial Board of the ABA Law Student DivisionApply for a position on the Board by January 15.

“Why apply for this law student editorial board,” you ask?

Sitting on an editorial board and earning publishing credits in law school is a pretty common goal for law students. Getting published is a great way to build your resume, improve your writing and research skills, and enhance your professional profile online.

There are lots of opportunities to get published in law school. So why should you apply for the Editorial Board of the ABA Law Student Division?

Well, if I can make this about me for a moment, I remember sitting on an editorial board of a journal in law school, in fact. What was it? Ahh, there I am. Volume 23, issue 4 of the Illinois Public Employee Relations Report. A student editor credit on page 12! I remember spending my time editing someone else’s work on fairly obscure topics.

And I’m confident my work in this area impacted dozens. Impressed?

I’m only joking, of course. And that’s not to denigrate the work of niche journals at your law school. It’s certainly one way to build up your expertise.

The ABA Law Student Division, however, is the largest national association for law students in the country. We publish a magazine and a blog that reaches tens of thousands of law students. We estimate our reach at anywhere between two-thirds and three-quarters of all law students, nationwide. And now we’re developing a dream team editorial board of law students across the country to help direct, edit, and create the content.

How about working on a publication that reaches nearly every law student in the country? How about having real editorial input, along with a group of your peers, and the ability to help shape the content direction of the Law Student Division? How about working with the Law Student Division Council on themes and messaging for a policy agenda that advocates on behalf of law students within the national association for lawyers?

Sound like fun? If you’re a law student and a good writer, perhaps with a journalism background, we want you to apply.

Let me know if you have any questions —austin.groothuis@america….

Austin Groothuis Austin Groothuis, JD, MBA is the Director of the American Bar Association Early Career Strategy Group, overseeing the Law Student Division and Young Lawyers Division. He is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law with more than 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit management, marketing, technology, and legal education space.