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It’s only natural that we state this: Arkansas goes Uniform Bar Exam

Uniform Bar Exam

When we last checked in on the march toward full adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam, it took root in Texas. The expansion is once again a traveler, moving northeast to Arkansas, which adopted the UBE this week.

Unlike Texas, which will wait until 2021 to start administering the transferable score test, Arkansas will start with the February 2020 editions of the state’s bar exam.

Once again, sorry to anyone taking the test in Arkansas in July who got very excited for a brief second.

That brings us up to 34 states and several districts on the UBE bandwagon. It also means that Oklahoma, we’ve got news for you—you’re now surrounded by Uniform Bar Exam state.

It also further segments the remaining UBE holdouts into a few distinct pockets:

  • Three states are now completely cut off by UBE districts: Oklahoma joins South Dakota, which is surrounded, and Hawaii (which may be alone state-wise but joins the other Pacific territories of Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Palau).
  • Mississippi and Louisiana are now paired off, joining other adjacent holdout pairings in California-Nevada (corrected because we aced the LSAT but flunked geography), Pennsylvania-Delaware, and Florida-Georgia.
  • The remaining contiguous states are Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. And we can assign very little cosmic significance to that except that we’re looking for Indiana to break that up soon.

You can see the Arkansas announcement here. There are a lot of crossed out sections and underlines, so it might look a little like the redacted Mueller report. You’ve been warned!

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