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Meet the incoming Law Student Division Council

Johnnie Nguyen
Johnnie Nguyen will be sworn in as the new Chair of the Law Student Division on Saturday.

As the Law Student Division heads into annual meeting, our new council wants to say hello. Here’s a brief bio of the our incoming law student leaders.


Johnnie Nguyen
University of Colorado School of Law

Hello! My name is Johnnie, and I am the Chair of the ABA’s Law Student Division for the 2010-2020 term. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but my roots are from Vietnam—both of my parents immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam War. I am currently a 2L at the University of Colorado Law School. If I had to be stuck with one meal in my entire life, it would be pineapple pizzas—anyone who believes that pineapples on pizzas are gross are just simply wrong and misguided in life.

I’m incredibly excited for what this year holds. As I learn more about the American Bar Association, the more ideas come to mind as to what is possible during my term. My council and I have decided to prioritize the issue of mental health and well being for this year; however, as I promised during the campaign, I will also be addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, making the profession more environmentally conscious, and expanding justice for all.

If you ever need to reach out to me, please email me at Johnnie.Nguyen@colorado…. or add me on Facebook at….

Law Student At-Large on the ABA Board of Governors-Elect

Michaela Posner
University of California – Irvine School of Law

Hi, I’m Michaela and I’m studying at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.  You can refer to me by she/her, and if I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be guacamole and chips.  I’m originally from Southern California (don’t let traces of a Brooklyn accent fool you) but went to college in New York.  I quickly realized that I’m not equipped to handle cold weather or snow, so I decided to come back to California for law school and to practice law. 

I hope to go into the field of labor and employment law, representing workers and unions.  I grew up around this field (my father is also a labor lawyer) and love the idea of working with people.  I earned my bachelors from Cornell in Industrial and Labor Relations, which is essentially a combination of law, business, and international labor relations.  I’m also drawn towards representing unions because various members of my family were in unions such as the Iron Workers Union, American Federation of Teachers, and the Screen Actors Guild.  

When I’m not studying or working, you can find me on the beach, reading a book or taking photos of the landscape.  During breaks between school and work, I love to travel (time and budget permitting, of course).  My goal is to visit all 7 continents and all 50 states.  I love to bring back recipes of dishes I enjoy while abroad.  I spent a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain, where my host mother taught me how to make paella, which is now a family favorite! I also enjoy finding and creating recipes that draw on family heritage, based on dishes my great-grandmother made for my dad back in Brooklyn. 

Director of Legal Education

Zachary Faircloth
Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law

Hi, my name is Zack Faircloth, and I am a rising 3L studying at the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. I received my undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Those were the best years of my young life.

I am a Louisianan by birth and an adopted Texan now living in Dallas. Assuming I survive the bar, I’ll be a second-generation lawyer following in my old man’s footsteps. Shortly after 1L last year, my wife and I got married, and this year will celebrate our first wedding anniversary right before ABA Annual Meeting.

Together, we love to try new Dallas restaurants and cook elaborate meals at home. If I had to eat one food the rest of my life, it would absolutely be my wife’s chicken-pot-pie—hard to beat the home cooked meal. I’m a die-hard sports fan, like all good LSU graduates. You can catch me glued to the TV on Saturdays and Sundays in the fall. But in between plays, I’m reading for classes and prepping outlines.

I love being a law student—its challenges, its need for attention to detail, its nuances, its strategies, its practicalities, and its opportunities. That love translates into excitement and zeal to have the opportunity to represent law students on the Section for Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Council this year.

Vice Chair-Elect

Ayat Nizam
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

Hi, my name is Ayat Nizam and I am a rising 2L, studying at the University of Detroit Mercy and the University of Windsor. I am a Canadian student, born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Human Resources and my Master’s degree in Business Administration as well, with a concentration in Strategy in Entrepreneurship. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

I am the oldest of six children, four brothers and one sister. In addition to being the oldest, I have also taken on the role of soccer mom to my youngest brothers, who are twins. In my free time, I enjoy trying out new local Windsor and Detroit restaurants, as I like to think of myself as somewhat of a foodie. However, if I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be chicken fattoush.

Although I have never played any sports, I love watching football and soccer. Growing up across from Detroit, I was raised on the Detroit sports culture. In addition to the sports culture, I have a deep appreciation for the rise and revitalization of the Detroit economy and overall culture. One of my passions is assisting, in any way, shape or form, in the regrowth and rebranding of Detroit to ensure that the city returns to the great status it once held.

Luckily enough, I have been able to find that possible through the combination of my business degrees, with that of my current law degree.

Delegate of Communications-Elect

Julie Merow
West Virginia University College of Law

I’m Julie Merow, and I am a rising third-year at West Virginia University’s College of Law.  During my undergraduate career, I attended WVU and earned a degree in Public Relations.  I’m a lover of all things media, and I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my friends and wonderful family.  As a Morgantown, West Virginia native, I was raised a die-hard Mountaineer fan and have closely followed, cheered for, and cried over WVU football and basketball for as long as I can remember. 

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pizza because I’m lactose-intolerant and haven’t eaten real cheese in almost a decade. 

I’ve always been passionate about working with students and for the students, hoping to improve everyday student life and leave organizations better than I found them.  During undergraduate, I served as Student Body President and had the marvelous opportunity to travel to several Big 12 Conference Schools and work with students from across the country.  I am a proud sister of Chi Omega, and being a sorority woman is something very important to me that I will treasure for years to come. 

When starting law school, I hoped to focus on transactional law and do in-house counsel work following graduation and planned to never step foot in a court room.  Now, I’m spending my second summer with Lewis Glasser, PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia doing defense litigation work and couldn’t be happier.  Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!  I want to work in civil litigation and hope to spend my career billing hours until my fingers fall off.

Above all, and the reason for this blog post, I’m so honored and excited to work as the Delegate of Communications for the Law Student Division of the ABA this year.  The opportunity to use my public relations background in the legal realm and work with law students from the across the country is priceless.  I’m looking forward to a great year and seeing what our team accomplishes.  Let’s go Mountaineers! 

Delegate of Diversity-Elect

Conisha Hackett,
University of Mississippi School of Law

Hey, y’all. (This is the most sincere greeting you could ever receive from a Mississippian.)

My name is Conisha T. Hackett. My preferred gender pronouns are she, her, hers. I am a native of Summit (McComb), Mississippi and earned my Bachelor of Arts in History from thee Historic Tougaloo College and my Master of Arts in History from Mississippi State University. Currently, I am a third-year law student at the University of Mississippi School of Law.

During my first summer of law school, I participated in the Cape Town, South Africa Study Abroad program hosted by Howard University. For the second half of summer, I interned for Judge Bernice Bouie Donald of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. First half of my second summer, I worked on a local supervisor’s campaign and a local senator’s campaign. Second half of my second summer, I interned for Alexander Law, P.A., a local insurance defense firm in Jackson, Mississippi. I am interested in practicing Human and Civil Rights Law and / or Criminal Law.  I love to eat ice cream and play with my two nephews who are the coolest, smartest, most handsome kids you will ever meet. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be gumbo, collard greens and cornbread. But, if I just had to choose one it would be all southern Thanksgiving / Christmas food…the entire menu.

Delegate of Programming-Elect

Aurelia Phillips,
University of St. Thomas School of Law

Hi, my name is Aurelia Phillips, I also go by Aure, and I will be a 3L at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. I am adopted from Paraguay but grew up in Northern Minnesota. Professionally, I am interested in litigation, specifically in criminal law. I currently work in the Criminal Division at the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office. Personally, I enjoy being active outside, competing in marathons, and going to local farmers markets. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be either burgers or chocolate.

Also on the Council

Law Student Editor
Dayna Maeder, Florida State College of Law

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