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Words to live by: The Advice Issue of Student Lawyer


Lawyers and law students come together in this issue to help you become the lawyer you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

Lawyers reveal the best advice they’ve received from their colleagues
TechnologyWhat may seem like offhand advice from someone you pass in the office hallway can actually be life-changing and valuable insight—if you’re paying attention. These lawyers were, and they’re grateful for the wisdom imparted by fellow lawyers at some point in their career.

18 of your peers share the most important lessons of law school
TechnologyWhether it’s your third year or you’re a fresh-faced first-year, hearing advice from your fellow law students is always helpful. Because let’s face it, sometimes the best advice doesn’t come from professors, but from your peers—those who’ve walked in the same shoes you’re now standing in.

14 tips to help you land your dream position
TechnologyThink you’ve heard all the advice there is on getting a job? We think not. Here, experts in the field and lawyers who interview regularly offer their top suggestions for making real connections with potential employers.

Equal justice advances in pro bono efforts across the nation
TechnologyPro bono plays a large part in our society and is needed to ensure that all people are served and that justice exists for everyone in all communities. How much can you help as a student? Actually, more than you may realize. The ABA has programs that can let you begin dipping your toes into the pro bono waters.

Failure: An opportunity to find success
TechnologySometimes, failure can be a good thing. It helps us to learn crucial lessons about practicing law and about ourselves. In fact, sometimes a failure can put you on the path to success, as demonstrated by these lawyers’ tales of mishaps turned into learning opportunities.

I Wish I’d Known
Jeff B. Cohen: Use your degree as a key
TechnologyI wish I’d known back then that my law degree wasn’t a lock but a key. It’s a fantastic key you can use to open the door to politics or business or philanthropy or whatever the hell you want.

1L Corner
Fresh from her own first year, a 2L shares her tips for success
TechnologyThis first year is a whirlwind. Someone who’s just been there has some tips to make it a success, and even fun. Read on for some 1L pro tips to keep this difficult process in context to help you appreciate the next three years and set yourself up for a successful first job search.

Are you asking the right career question?
Technology“What else can I do with my law degree?” is a question that ought to be stricken from the annals of legal career consulting. To make the right career move, be sure you’re not asking the wrong career-change question.

Editor’s Note
Your community is here for you
TechnologyI’m so excited you’ve picked up our latest edition of Student Lawyer. This issue focuses on what I believe is one of the greatest things within our profession, and that’s our community.

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