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Missing your networking motivation? 4 tips on how to find it!


It can be hard to sustain the motivation to continuously network, even when you know it will pay off with either a job offer or client work.

So how can you motivate yourself (or others) to keep going when you’ve lost your mojo?

Identify where you’re most comfortable. Sometimes, you feel a bit burned out from trying new things, or really putting yourself out there. So put some things on your calendar that you really enjoy. Maybe you’re a great public speaker, or you really enjoy writing. Maybe you’re great at in-person networking events or one-on-one. Whatever your go-to is for networking, pick three of those things to schedule in for the next month.

Come up with a plan. For many people, myself included, when you’re working on a project that’s ongoing, it’s easy to forget to take small steps every day. But if you can come up with a plan with measurable steps, it’s much easier to keep up with it. Look at the next four weeks, and what you can do to hit the goals you want to achieve. Do you want to meet three of your top job prospects in the next month? Include on your calendar reaching out to them by email or phone, make note to follow up once you’ve done that, include open dates on your calendar when you could get together. Want to blog more? Put in firm dates that you’ll publish, and then back into those with times that you’ll edit, write, research topics, etc.

Put together a group or find a buddy. As I mentioned, you’re not alone in needing motivation at this time of year. Find an accountability buddy or group and meet briefly weekly to check in to see if you’ve advanced your goals for that week. Consider setting a prize for whomever commits to and reaches their goals first.

Have fun with it. Networking doesn’t have to be a slog. Get creative. Have a hot cocoa afternoon with a couple of your clients. Co-author a themed piece (that also relates to the law, of course). Ask your clients to volunteer with you, or find out what their charitable passions are, and volunteer with them.

When you’ve lost your networking mojo, drop in a tip or two, and you’ll be back on track in no time!

Lindsay Griffiths Lindsay Griffiths is the International Lawyers Network’s director of global relationship management. In this capacity, she works with the network’s executive director to identify and implement marketing opportunities both internally and externally and develop new approaches to business development needs. She regularly blogs at Zen & the Art of Legal Networking.